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Looking for restaurant menus online?  Below is a list of all restaurants and their menu prices for which we have compiled information. If you would like to suggest a restaurant to be added to our website, contact us.  We’d love to hear from you!

    Restaurant Menus Online:  Find All the Best Right Here!

    Restaurant Meal Prices is dedicated to providing you with the most accurate menu information on all your favorite restaurant brands.  We are nationally recognized for our work and we spend countless hours adding new menus each and every day.  We love all our visitors and we love hearing from you so please leave us a comment or take a moment to submit a restaurant for inclusion on our site.

    Why Restaurant Meal Prices?

    Through much research and community outreach, we’ve discovered that the most important thing to diners searching for restaurant information is the menu.  On the flip side, restaurant owners what to be seen by potential customers and gain additional exposure for their businesses.  We offer something for both owner and consumer.

    For Restaurant Owners

    Restaurant Owners (or even raving fans) can submit their restaurant using the contact us form. If your submission qualifies, we’ll be back in touch shortly with any additional information requests.

    What’s the cost?  We’re glad you asked because it’s F-R-E-E!  We do have a paid option to receive a write up on our site so if you’re curious about that please contact us.  Paid options are best if you want us to expedite your listing or if your restaurant does not quality.

    For Restaurant Searchers

    We’re focused on bringing you the most complete, most accurate information.  We manually update our menus on a quarterly basis to ensure we have the latest restaurant prices and specials listed when you visit.  In addition, our pages include great information on the restaurant itself.  Stuff like restaurant hours, nutritional information (when available), discount and coupon information as well as some geeky stuff about the history of the restaurant.