Mimi’s Café Menu Prices

Mimi’s Café menu prices for a French-inspired restaurant chain offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Mimi’s stays true to its French roots by sourcing ingredients from France and making their sauces from scratch in small batches.

The diner specializes in French food and is highly regarded for its French themes, décor and menu items. It also offers American food classics.

Below are the latest Mimi’s Café menu prices.




Cinnamon Roll French Toast1120$9.79
Brioche French Toast1120$8.79
Four Buttermilk Pancakes1160$8.79
Strawberries & Creme Waffles540$10.29
Bacon & Apple Waffles970$9.79
Ham, Eggs & Swiss Waffles380$11.29
Two Waffles540$9.29

Quiche, Crepes & More

All-Butter Croissant Egg & Bacon Sandwich640$8.99
Quiche Lorraine870$8.59
Chef's Choice Quiche870-960$8.59
Egg, Spinach & Cheese Crepes 680$8.29


Hickory-Smoked Ham & Cheese900$9.29
Egg White & Veggie450$9.79
Bacon Avocado1330$9.99
Andouille Sausage & Red Pepper530$9.99

Farmhouse Two-Egg Breakfasts

Hickory-Smoked Bacon & Eggs300$8.29
Pork Sausage & Eggs470$8.29
Turkey Sausage & Eggs300$8.29
Slow-Smoked Ham & Eggs320$8.29
Corned Beef Hash & Eggs580$8.99
Eggs (2)160$6.49

Lunch & Dinner


Artichoke Frites600$5.49
Soups (Cup)160-280$3.99
Soups (Bowl)390-450$5.99

Craft Sandwiches

Roasted Turkey & Brie Melt690$10.79
French Dip660$9.99
Open-Faced Ham & Swiss750$9.79
Turkey, Bacon & Pesto1040$10.79
Grilled Chicken Sandwich670$8.99

Cafe Sandwiches

Avocado & Tomato Croissant580$8.99
Chicken Salad Croissant490$8.49
Tuna & Cheddar Melt930$8.99
5-Cheese Grilled Sandwiches7400$8.29
B-L-T (with avocado)1540$10.49
Roasted Turkey Club690$9.49


Bacon Avocado Sourdough Burger850$10.99
Brioche Cheeseburger590$8.99
Brioche, Bacon & Egg Cheeseburger 980$10.99


Mediterranean Salad with Roasted Chicken710$11.79
Grilled Chicken Caesar650$8.99
Tomato & Mozzarella188$6.99
Bacon & Bleu Cheese940$9.29
Bacon & Bleu Cheese (with grilled chicken)1040$12.08
Chicken Chop Salad500$9.29
Grilled Atlantic Salmon Nicoise930$13.49
Spinach with Grilled Atlantic Salmon680$12.99
Cobb Salad510$9.49


A Bit Of France

Roasted Chicken Crepes860$10.79
Tenderloin Medallions207$17.99
Quiche Lorraine810$9.79
Chef's Choice Quiche870$9.79
Spicy Linguine with Mussels1090$12.49
Coq au Vin860$12.99
Lemon-Butter Sole660$13.49
Grilled Bistro Steak930$16.99
Grilled Atlantic Salmon175$13.99

American Comfort

Slow-Roasted Turkey180$12.29
Meatloaf & Mash260$11.49
Chicken Parmesan460$12.99
Roasted Chicken & Artichoke Penne1050$11.29
Beef Pot Roast446$13.49

Fresh From The Bakery

Just-Baked Croissants330$2.99
Cinnamon Brioche Roll660$3.99
Just-Baked Muffins650-880$2.19

Fresh-Baked Croissants and Muffins


Coffee Bar

Cafe Latte190$3.49
Mocha Latte140$3.69
Cafe au Lait150$3.29
Iced Cappuccino173$3.29
Iced Mocha170$3.69
Premium Coffee & Decaf109$2.49

Mimi's Lunch Combos

Le Duet Mix & Match

Soup + Caesar Salad60$6.99
Soup + Premium Salad150$7.99
Half Sandwich + Caesar Salad600$8.79
Half Sandwich + Premium Sandwich990$9.49


Creme Brulee Cheesecake760$6.99
Petite Ensemble1440$6.99
Molten Chocolate Cake590$5.99
Brioche Bread Pudding580$5.99
Apple Cinnamon Crisp320$5.99
Triple Chocolate Brownie550$5.99
Strawberry-Topped Chocolate Mousse330$2.59

More information about Mimi’s Café

Mimi’s Café E-Club Newsletter

To get the latest news, offers, and promotions, guests can sign-up to join Mimi’s e-club and receive regular emails. For signing up, new members will receive a free 2-pack of croissants or muffins.

History of Mimi’s Café

The company is currently based in Irvine, California, although it is planning to relocate to Dallas, Texas. The chain itself was founded in 1978 by Arthur J. Simms, his son Tom, Paul Kurz and Brian Taylor. Simms, the former head of MGM Studios’ commissary back in the 1950s, believed that a French American restaurant would appeal to the public, and the first Mimi’s Café was opened in December 1978 in Anaheim, California. Today, Mimi’s Café has locations in 24 states.

mimis-café-menu-pricesThe company expanded rapidly, and in 2004 it was purchased by Bob Evans for USD$182 million. In 2013, Mimi’s Café was sold to Groupe Le Duff, which also runs the La Madeleine restaurants. Despite the changes in ownership, the restaurant continues to serve guests with classic French and American dishes.

Among the most popular items on the menu are the Cinnamon Roll French Toast, Andouille Sausage & Red Pepper omelets, Grilled Chicken Sandwiches. They also have Just-Baked Croissants and muffins as well as a wide selection of American and French desserts.

Mimi’s can also cater special events and provides a to-go menu for people with limited time to dine in.

For more information about Mimi’s Café, please visit their official website.

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