Harvester Menu Prices

Harvester is one of the most famous chain of restaurants in the United Kingdom.  They have around 200 outlets across the country and is best known for their flame grilled food, spit-roasted chicken and self-serve salad bars.  They also offer gourmet burgers and options for vegetarians.

Can;t get the whole gang around a table at Harvester. No worries,mate. Just order online and collect your takeaway when you need it. Could not be simpler.

Harvester now provides its guests with free WIFI. Don’t forget to follow Harvester through social media.

Below are the latest Harvester menu prices.



Choose any 3 starters for £10 or any 4 for £12.50

Breaded Mushrooms563£3.69
Crispy Coated Chicken Bites401£4.29
Fish Basket713£5.29
Potato Skins with Bacon & Cheese460£3.89
Creamy Tomato & Basil Soup302£2.99
BBQ Chicken Wings379£3.99
Ultimate Nachos865£3.69
Ultimate Nachos (Add Three Bean Chili)965£4.69
Ultimate Nachos (Add BBQ Pulled Pork)1174£4.69
Cheese Popits with Salsa419£3.99
Sticky Duck Wings438£4.49
Spicy Crackerjack King Prawns 324£4.29
Chicken & Chorizo Skewers 474£4.69
Cheese Garlic Bread Board1380£7.99


Upgrade to a Large Portion of Sides for £1.00

Crisp, Seasoned Fries431£1.99
Baby Potatoes 263£1.99
Jacket Potato245£1.99
Mashed Potatoes 281£1.99
Basmati Rice219£1.99
Mixed Vegetables165£1.99


Sirloin Steak (8oz.)527£13.49
Rump Steak (6oz.)398£9.99
Rump Steak (12oz.)674£14.29
Add Scampi 167£2.99
Add Wings Combo411£3.99
Rib Eye Steak (10oz.)1000£16.99
Mixed Grill1241£12.99
Sticky Steak & Rib Combo1281£12.99
Lamb Rump Steak (12oz.)1125£14.29

Fish & Vegetarian

Grilled Salmon with Lemon442£9.99
Stuffed Peppers759£7.49
Cauliflower Cheese & Tomato Tart646£7.99


Harvester's Famous Classic BBQ Ribs (Full)850£11.79
Harvester's Famous Classic BBQ Ribs (Baby Rack)387£7.99
Jamaican Style Boneless Beef Rib627£10.29
Full Rack of Smoked Ribs758£11.99
Mega Ribs1361£13.29


Chunky Tomato Salsa24Free
Sour Cream & Chive72Free
Tennessee Whiskey Made with Jack120Free
Creamy Peppercorn77Free
Chili, Ginger & Spring Onion62Free
Parsley with Creme Fraiche 95Free
Lamb's Navy Rum & Cola103Free
Crabbie's Ginger Beer & Blossom Honey108Free
Harvester BBQ76Free
Piri Piri39Free
Kickin' Garlic & Chili122Free
Gravy 27Free


Harvester's Famous 1/2 Rotisserie Chicken 449£7.49
Chicken Skewer 447£7.99
Chargrilled Chicken Breast268£6.99
Salsa Chicken & Pepper Stack378£6.99
Whole Rotisserie Chicken 839£12.99
Triple Chicken 658£9.99
'Brushed & Basted' 1/2 Rotisserie Chicken1068£7.99
The Original Combo1022£8.79
The Harvester 83 Combo1217£10.99

Combo Platters

I Want It All Platter (For One)1437£12.99
I Want It All Platter (To Share)2726£24.99
Plantation Platter (For One)824£10.99
Plantation Platter (To Share)1520£19.99
Duck Wings Combo (For One)1419£12.99
Duck Wings Combo (To Share)2745£24.99

Gourmet Burgers

Bacon & Cheese Burger (Beef)718£8.99
Bacon & Cheese Burger (Chicken)615£8.99
Classic Burgers (Beef)589£7.99
Classic Burgers (Chicken)486£7.99
Butternut Squash & Chickpea 747£8.99

Build your own - why not add a little extra for added flavour?

BBQ Pulled Pork309£0.99
Fresh Pineapple 27£0.49
Extra Beef Burger310£1.99
Chicken Breast207£1.99
Vegetarian Burger467£1.99
Extra Pork ‘n’ Chorizo Burger 351£2.99

Harvester Fully Loaded Burgers

The Harvester Beef Fully Loaded 1394£10.99
The Harvester Chicken Fully Loaded 1219£10.99
The Harvester Veggie Fully Loaded 764£10.99
The Harvester Pork 'n' Chorizo Fully Loaded 1210£11.99
Triple Flavour Chicken Burger697£9.99

Early Bird From £4.99

Signature Fish & Chips1244£7.29
Simply Chicken 557£5.99
Fish & Chips1141£5.49
Chicken Fajita Wrap889£4.99
Fish Finger Bap982£4.99
Gammon Steak (7oz.)834£6.99
BBQ Chicken & Bacon Stack1053£7.99
Crispy Scottish Scampi1018£7.69
Creamy Mature Cheddar & Melting Mozzarella Pasta Bake736£4.99
Creamy Mature Cheddar & Melting Mozzarella Pasta Bake with Grilled Chicken Breast945£6.99
Creamy Mature Cheddar & Melting Mozzarella Pasta Bake with Add Three Bean Chili 813£5.99
Creamy Mature Cheddar & Melting Mozzarella Pasta Bake with BBQ Pulled Pork1011£5.99
Sausage & Mash861£4.99
Crispy Coated Southern Fried Chicken984£6.99


Battered Onions Rings478£1.99
Sampler of Sides607£2.49
Seasoned Fries431£1.99
Sweet Potato Fries670£2.49
Green Beans125£1.29
Extra Sauce 30-100£1.29
Just Salad350£3.99
Mushrooms 303£1.99
Mixed Vegetables 165£1.99
Cheese Garlic Corn On The Cob539£2.49
Garlic Bread282£2.19
Cheesy Garlic Bread355£2.49

harvester-grill-menu-pricesTheir best sellers include the Signature Fish and Chips, or a large serving of sustainably sourced cod fillet in a parsley-infused batter, served with crisp, seasoned fries, tartar sauce and a choice of buttered peas.  Barbecue Pulled Pork, Three Bean and Cheese Wrap is Sticky BBQ pulled pork, spicy three bean mix and cheese, with shredded lettuce and tomato in a flour tortilla. It is served with crisp, seasoned fries, and sour cream and chive dip.  All these entries can be eaten with unlimited salad and starts at £4.99.

Harvester is well-known for their unlimited salad bar which offers the freshest vegetables.  There are 12 vegetable items to choose from, and tasty pasta, coleslaw and potato salad.  The salad bar also offers six different dressings and five salad toppers which diners can mix and match to create unlimited combinations.

For more information about Harvester, visit their official website.

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