Scores Rotisseries Menu Prices

If you’re counting for good grilled chicken and ribs in Canada, Scores Chicken and Ribs is the best spot to be.  This restaurant has served since 1995 and have more than 40 restaurant locations ever since.

Below are the latest Scores menu prices.



"Scores Chicken & Noodle” Soup$2.75
Tender Chicken Breast Fillets$7.50
Chicken Wings (8)$8.50
Chicken Wings (12)$11.25
Cheese Sticks (4)$4.95
Cheese Sticks (8)$8.75
Onion Rings (Regular)$4.25
Onion Rings (Large)$7.25


Quarter Chicken (leg)$7.50
Quarter Chicken (breast)$9.00
2-Leg Special $10.50
Half Chicken $12.50
Tender Fillets Meal (Small)$10.55
Tender Fillets Meal (Regular)$13.75
Chicken Poutine$8.75
Chicken Brochette$13.25
Texan Chicken Brochette$14.25
Thai Chicken Brochette$14.25

Back Ribs

1/2 Pound Back Ribs$11.95
1 Pound Back Ribs$19.25


QuarterChicken (leg) & Ribs$16.75
Quarter Chicken (breast) & Ribs $18.75
Chicken Fillets & Ribs$18.75

Extra-Value Packages

Party Combo 9$6.00
Duo / trio$6.75
Value Meal $23.00
Family Meal$26.00
Caesar Family Meal$29.00


House Salad (Starter)$4.95
House Salad (Meal)$7.95
Caesar Salad (Starter)$5.95
Caesar Salad (Meal)$8.50
Grilled Chicken Breast Caesar Salad$10.75
Thai Chicken Salad$11.75
Tender Chicken Breast Fillets Salad$11.75


Hot Chicken Sandwich (white meat)$8.75
Club Sandwich (full chicken breast)$10.25
Chicken Salad Wrap$8.50
Chicken Caesar Wrap with Bacon$8.75
Tender Chicken Breast Fillets Wrap$8.75
Wrap BBQ / BBQ Wrap$9.75
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich$9.75
Chicken & Bacon Focaccia$10.75


Sugar Pie$3.25
Lemon Pie$3.25
Chocolate or Cheese Cake$4.00


Chicken Nuggets (5)$4.95

Their quarter chicken of either leg or breast is the well-received item on their menu.  The quarter chicken is juicy and packed with flavor and comes with a side of fries. This dish is best when eaten with eat all you can salad from the soup, salad and fruit bar for an additional $4.25.  It’s a good deal considering that customers get to load up on greens and fruits with a healthy main course of chicken breast.

Baby back ribs are half pound and served with a generous mound of shoestring fries. You can also have an unlimited salad and fruit for an additional $4.25.  Clients say that the barbecue sauce was brilliant and went well with the salad.

Other menu highlights are the scrumptious chicken sandwich, fish sticks and the Scores Hamburger.  Their fish sticks dish features three great slices of deep-fried haddock garnished with a lemon wedge and served with tartar sauce.

For more information about Scores, visit their official website.

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