Folks Kitchen Menu Prices

Folks Kitchen menu prices are just as affordable today as they were when they first opened. Since Folks Kitchen first opened their doors in 1978 in Chamblee, GA, they have developed a reputation for serving delicious and authentic Southern style cuisine.

In addition to the fried chicken and sweet tea that originally made Folks Kitchen a favorite of diners in the area, the restaurant serves plenty of other Southern comfort foods, including slow-cooked chicken and homemade dumplings, chicken pot pie topped with a flaky crust, gizzards or livers with a side of white-pepper gravy, and meatloaf that manages to be juicy, moist, and flavorful.

Below are the latest Folks Kitchen menu prices.



Fried Green Tomatoes$4.89
Corn Nuggets$4.69
Onion Petals$4.69
Fried Pickles$4.49
Cheese Sticks$6.19
Soup of the Day (Cup)$1.99
Soup of the Day (Bowl)$3.29
Chicken Tenders - Regular or Buffalo$6.99
Build Your Own$7.99

Fresh-Cut Salads

Add hard-boiled egg for 25¢

Large House Salad$5.99
Georgia Southern Salad (grilled, fried or Buffalo-style)$8.69
Georgia Southern Salad (cheddar & chicken breast tenders)$8.99
Savannah Salad$8.69

Hot Sandwiches

Country Fried Steak$7.69
Spicy Buffalo Chicken$7.99
Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Fried)$7.89
Pulled Pork Sandwich$7.99
Beef Brisket Sandwich$8.29
Turkey Melt$8.29
Pot Roast Dip$8.69

Big Burgers

Folks Classic Burger$7.99
Three Cheese Burger$8.49
Bacon Cheeseburger$8.69
Spicy Savannah Burger$8.69
Mushroom Swiss Burger$8.49



"Atlanta's Best" Fried Chicken, Oven-Roasted or BBQ Chicken (2-pc.)$7.99
Chicken Breast (Fried, Grilled or BBQ) - 5oz.$7.99
Chicken Tenders (Fried or Grilled) $7.99
Chicken & Dumplings $7.99


Butterfly Shrimp (Golden-fried or Buffalo-style)$9.69
Calabash Shrimp (Golden-fried or Buffalo-style)$8.99
Tilapia (Fried or Grilled) - 1 Fillet $8.19
Catfish (Fried or Grilled) - 1 Fillet $8.19

Homestyle Favorites

Hickory Potato$7.49
Pork Chop (Fried or Grilled) $8.19
Famous Country Fried Steak (Single)$8.69
Opened-faced Pot Roast or Turkey$8.69



Fried, BBQ or Oven-Roasted Chicken (2-pc. Dark)$7.99
Fried, BBQ or Oven-Roasted Chicken (4-pc. Mixed)$9.49
Chicken & Dumplings$7.99
Livers or Gizzards$8.29
Smothered Chicken$10.19
Chicken Tenders (3-Tenders)$7.99
Chicken Tenders (5-Tenders)$9.29
Oven-Roasted Chicken & Dressing$9.99
Chicken Breast (5oz.)$7.99
Chicken Breast (10oz.)$9.89


Butterfly Shrimp (Golden-fried or Buffalo-style) - Jon Boat$9.69
Butterfly Shrimp (Golden-fried or Buffalo-style) - Whaler Boat$11.99
Calabash Shrimp (Golden-fried or Buffalo-style) - Jon Boat$8.99
Calabash Shrimp (Golden-fried or Buffalo-style) - Whaler Boat$10.99
Whole Catfish$13.99
Rainbow Trout$10.99
Catfish (1 Fillet)$8.19
Catfish(2 Fillets)$9.99

Homestyle Favorites

Hickory-Smoked Baby Back Ribs (Half-Rack)$11.99
Hickory-Smoked Baby Back Ribs (Full-Rack)$15.99
Pulled Pork Platter$9.99
Beef Brisket Platter$11.29
Smothered Chopped Steak$9.99
Slow-cooked Meatloaf$9.49
Pork Chops (1 Chop)$8.19
Pork Chops (2 Chops)$9.99
Famous Country Fried Steak (Single helping)$8.69
Famous Country Fried Steak (Double helping)$9.99
Tom's Roast Turkey & Dressing$10.49
Pot Roast$11.29

Create Your Own Combo

Pick your own 2 sides and bread

Create your own special platter - Pick any 2 of the following$12.99
Pick any 3 of the following$14.99
Fried or Oven Roasted Chicken * Chicken Tenders (4) * BBQ Chicken
Chicken Breast (5oz) * Country Fried Steak * Calabash Shrimp
Tilapia * Catfish Fillet * Pulled Pork * Beef Brisket
Livers or Gizzards * Pork Chop (1) * Meatloaf

Lunch Combo Menu

Monday - Friday, 11am - 4pm
Veggie Plate (Pick 3)$7.19
Veggie Plate (Pick 4)$8.19
Country Fried Steak (Single helping)$8.99
Country Fried Steak (Double helping)$10.49
Livers or Gizzards$8.49


Georgia Southern Salad$9.49
Savannah (Calabash Shrimp or Cajun Chicken Tenders)$9.19
Chicken Tenders (grilled, fried or Buffalo-style)$9.19
Fried, BBQ or Oven-Roasted Chicken (2-pc. Dark)$8.49
Fried, BBQ or Oven-Roasted Chicken (4-pc. Mixed)$9.99
Chicken Breast (5oz.)$8.49
Chicken Breast (10oz.)$10.19
Calabash (Golden-fried or Buffalo-style) - Jon Boat$9.49
Butterfly Shrimp (Golden-fried or Buffalo-style)$9.99
Catfish (2-pc.)$10.19
Catfish (1-pc.)$8.69
Chicken Tenders (3 Tenders)$8.49
Chicken Tenders (5 Tenders)$9.49
Tilapia (2-pc.)$10.19
Tilapia (1-pc.)$8.69
Pork Chops (2-pc.)$10.49
Pork Chops (1-pc.)$8.99

Pick any Big Burger

Folks Classic Burger$8.49
Three Cheese Burger$8.99
Bacon Cheeseburger$8.99
Spicy Savannah Burger$8.99
Mushroom Swiss Burger$8.99

Pick any Sandwich

Country Fried Steak$8.19
Spicy Buffalo Chicken$8.49
Chicken Breast (Grilled or Fried)$8.39
Pulled Pork$8.49
Smoked Beef Brisket$8.99
Turkey Melt$8.79
Pot Roast Dip$9.19
Open-faced Roasted Turkey$9.19
1/2 Sandwich with Soup or Salad (Turkey Melt or BLT)$7.49
Soup & Salad (Garden Salad with Bowl of Soup)$6.99

“Eat Your Vegetables”

Fried Okra * Green Beans * Turnip Greens * Baked Potato * Squash Casserole * Cole Slaw * Pinto Beans * Corn Nuggets * Potato Salad * Macaroni & Cheese * Real Mashed Potatoes * Chicken & Dumplins * Fried Green Tomatoes
Sweet Potato Casserole * Cornbread Dressing * Onion Petals * Natural-Cut Fries * Corn on the Cob * Fried Pickles * Soup of the Day * Steamed Broccoli * Small Garden Salad


Our youngins 60 and older may order from the Lunch menu all day long.

Thirst Quenchers

Famous Blue Ribbon Iced Tea$2.19
Refreshing Drinks -Sunshine Tea$2.29
Refreshing Drinks -Strawberry Lemonade$2.29
Refreshing Drinks -Peach Fizz$2.29
Refreshing Drinks-Peach Tea$2.29
Refreshing Drinks - Free Refills$0.00
Milk (White or Chocolate)$1.99
Coffee (Free refills)$1.99
Hot Tea$1.99
Soft Drinks (Free refills)$2.19

Kid's Menu

Little Folks

For Children 12 years and younger (Little Folks meals include a beverage.)
Country Fried Steak$3.99
Chicken Little Drumstick$3.99
"Eat Your Vegetables" (Two veggies & Bread)$3.99
Grilled Cheese$3.99
Mini Corn Dogs $4.49
Chicken Tenders$4.99


Peach or Blackberry Cobbler (Small)$2.29
Peach or Blackberry Cobbler (Large)$3.59
Banana Pudding (Small)$2.29
Banana Pudding (Large)$3.59
Mississippi Mud Pie$3.99
Ice Cream Sundae$2.49

More about Folks Kitchen

Diners who prefer something a tad less “country” will appreciate their entrée options, such as BBQ ribs so tender they fall off the bone, oven roasted turkey and cornbread dressing, slow-cooked pot roast, fried or grilled pork chops, and their famous country fried steak topped with white pepper gravy. Folks Kitchen also serves catfish, both whole and cut into filets, as well as shrimp and fried or grilled tilapia.

Vegetarians can take advantage of the numerous vegetables on the menu to create their own plate. Vegetable and side options include slow-cooked pinto beans, baked macaroni, and cheese, squash casserole, corn on the cob, fried pickles, potato salad, cole slaw, glazed carrots, steamed broccoli, and a true southern treat, fried green tomatoes.

Folks Kitchen also offers several dessert options, including their famous blackberry or peach cobbler, banana pudding, fried apple pie topped with vanilla bean ice cream, and Mississippi mud pie, which chocolate lovers are sure to appreciate.

Folks Kitchen Menu PricesToday, Folks Kitchen remains a popular restaurant, particularly in the North Georgia and metro-Atlanta areas. Thanks to the restaurant’s laid back atmosphere and no alcohol policy, it is definitely a favorite of families. Currently, they have seven locations to choose from. Regardless of which one you choose to dine at, you can expect a “down-home feel,” big portions, and fast, friendly service.

For more information about Folks Kitchen, visit their official website.

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