Ted’s Montana Grill Menu Prices

Ted’s Montana Grill consists of a chain of restaurants renowned for its bison dishes and cuisine. As the restaurants have grown, the offerings has become varied and now includes appetizers like onion rings and grilled shrimp as well as soups, salads and classic dishes.

Below are the latest Ted’s Montana Grill menu prices.

Food Price


Bison Nachos$8.00
St. Phillip's Island Crab Cake$12.00
Grilled Shrimp$10.00
Homemade Chips-n'-Dip$5.00
Bar None Sliders Beef$8.00
Bar None Sliders Bison$10.00
Salt-n'-Pepper Onion Rings$6.00

Side Salads

Karen's "Flying-D" Bison Chili Cup$4.00
Karen's "Flying-D" Bison Chili Bowl$6.00

Entree Salads

Balsamic Bleu Steak$14.00
Big Sky Grilled with Beef Burger$12.00
Big Sky Grilled with Grilled Chicken$12.00
Big Sky Grilled with Bison Burger$13.00
Big Sky Grilled with Cedar Plan Salmon$14.00
Roasted Beef & Goat Cheese$13.00
Classic Caesar with Grilled Chicken$12.00
Classic Caesar with Grilled Shrimp$13.00
Classic Caesar with Cedar Plank Salmon$14.00
Ted's Chopped$9.00
Ted's Chopped with Grilled Chicken$12.00


Absolute Best Fish$12.50
George's Cadillac$12.00
Red Rock$13.00
Meatloaf Sandwich$10.00
House-Made Veggie Burger$12.00


Naked with Beef$10.00
Naked with Bison$12.00
Cheese with Beef$11.00
Cheese with Bison$13.00
Ted's BaconCheeseburger with Beef$12.00
Ted's BaconCheeseburge with Bison$14.00
George's Cadillac with Beef$12.00
George's Cadillac with Bison$14.00
Knife-and-Fork Chili Cheese with Beef$13.00
Knife-and-Fork Chili Chees with Bison$15.00
Blue Creek with Beef$13.00
Blue Creek with Bison$15.00
Swiss and Mushroom with Beef$12.00
Swiss and Mushroom with Bison$14.00
Avalon with Beef$13.00
Avalon with Bison$15.00
No. 10 with Beef$12.00
No. 10 with Bison$14.00
No. 11 with Bison$15.00
Red Rock with Beef$13.00
Red Rock with Bison$15.00
Canyon Creek with Beef$13.00
Canyon Creek with Bison$15.00
Madison with Beef$13.00
Madison with Bison$15.00
New Mexico with Beef$13.00
New Mexico with Bison$15.00
Skinny Dip with Beef$11.00
Skinny Dip with Bison$15.00
Green and Hot with Beef$12.00
Green and Hot with Bison$14.00
Montana Breakfast with Beef$13.00
Montana Breakfast with Bison$14.00
Kitchen Sink with Beef$15.00
Kitchen Sink with Bison$17.00
Delicious Duo$9.00


Ted's Filet (8-oz) with Beef$22.00
Ted's Filet (8-oz) with Bison$32.00
Kansas City Strip (11-oz) with Bison$27.00
Delmonico Ribeye (14-oz) with Beef$23.00
Delmonico Ribeye (14-oz) with Bison$29.00

The Classics

Bison Meatloaf$14.00
St. Phillip's Island Crab Cakes$24.00
Bison Pot Roast$18.00
Cranberry Roasted Chicken$14.00
Cedar Plank Salmon (7-oz)$17.00
Cedar Plank Salmon (9-oz)$19.00
Pecan-Crusted Trout$15.00
Salt-and-Pepper Trout$15.00
Braised Bison Short Ribs$18.00
Roast Turkey and Dressing$14.00


Soft Drinks$1.99

Ted’s Montana Grill prices are somewhat more expensive than the average, with their Bison Pot Roast costing $18.50, the Bison Meatloaf $14.50 and the Cranberry Glazed Roasted Chicken at $15. Their appetizers are cheaper, with the Bison Nachos costing $8 and the grilled shrimp $10, while their mini cheeseburgers cost $8 to $10.

While Ted’s Montana Grill prices are higher than others, it has maintained its popularity with many customers. The restaurant was established in 2002 by Ted Turner with the first one opening in January 2002 in Columbus, Ohio. Turner and his associates decided to get in the business in an effort to keep the bison from becoming extinct.

teds-montana-grill-menu-pricesTed’s Montana Grill now has 44 locations in 16 states though its headquarters is still in Atlanta. Aside from serving National Bison Association certified bison, other vegetables and meats are available on the menu. In addition, the restaurant is known for being environmentally conscious.

For more information about Ted’s Montana Grill, visit their official website.

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