Pickle Barrel Deli Menu Prices

The hot spot for Pickle Barrel menu prices. Pickle Barrel Deli & Delicatessen is much like a family restaurant and a sports bar, where parents can bring their kids along and have some great laughs while enjoying an evening dinner. Here, you might chance at groups of friends having their favorite meal and cool beer with their eyes glued to the flat screen on the restaurant wall, intently watching their favorite teams play. Established in 1974, the Pickle Barrel is home to the World’s Largest Sandwich.

Below are the latest Pickle Barrel menu prices.



Fish Fingers$9.99
Fried Mushrooms$5.99
Fried Okra (Small)$3.99
Fried Okra (Large)$6.99
Jalapeño Bottle Caps$5.99
Fried Pickles (Our Signature)$5.99
Firecracker Shrimp$8.99
Potato Skins$6.99
Meaty Sampler Platter $12.99
Blue Cheese Chips$7.99
Onion Rings (Small)$3.99
Onion Rings (Large)$6.99
Mozzarella Cheesesticks$6.99
Appetizer Basket$9.99


Ultimate Nachos$7.99
Chips & Salsa$3.19
Kick'n Chicken Nachos$7.99
Chili Queso$7.99
PBC Nachos$7.99
Chips & Cheese$5.59

Our Famous Potatoes

Loaded Fries$7.99
One Pound Potato$2.99
Beer Battered Fries (1/2lb.)$2.99
Beer Battered Fries (1lb.)$3.99
Loaded Potato $4.59
Chili Cheese Fries$7.99


Butterfly Shrimp Basket$9.99
Fish Basket (1/2lb.)$8.99
Fish Basket (1lb.)$11.99
Shrimp & Finger Basket$12.99
Wing Basket$8.99
Chicken Finger Basket$8.99
Buffalo Finger Basket$9.59

Wings (Wednesday Night is Wing Night!

8 Wings$7.99
16 Wings$14.99
25 Wings$22.99
Mild * Medium * Hot * Scorcher * Lemon Pepper * Islander * Honey Hot * Teriyaki

Choice Of Sides

Regular Sides
Coleslaw * Baked Beans* Garlic Mashed Potatoes * Cheese Potato Soup * Speciality Soup * Homemade Chips * Pasta Salad * Baby Salad * Black Beans * Cheese Grits * Chili

Premium Sides

Beer-battered Fries$1.50
Greek Salad$1.50
Wedge Salad$1.50
House Salad$1.50
Loaded Potato $1.50
Mac N Cheese$1.50
Onion Rings$1.50

Burgers & Chicken

Bacon'n Cheddar$7.99
Mushroom & Swiss$7.99
Double Barrel$8.99
Inferno (New)$7.99
Towering Inferno$9.99
Smokey Barrel$7.99
Black & Blue$7.99
Barrel Melt$7.59

Cheesesteak | Hoagies | Dogs

Steak or Chicken

The "O" Original Philly$7.59
Loaded "O" Philly$7.99
Memphis Philly$7.59
Kick'n Chicken Philly$6.99
Fish Sandwich$7.59
Shrimp Po'Boy$7.99
Hot Italian Sub$7.59
The Big Dog$4.99
Chili Cheese Dog$6.59
Kraut Dog (New)$5.99
Slaw Dog (New)$5.99

Grilled Deli Style Sandwiches

Almond Chicken Melt$6.99
Ham'n Cheese Melt$6.99
Grilled Cheese Trio$5.99
Reuben $7.59
Turkey Reuben $7.59
Chipotle Turkey Melt (New)$6.99
Turkey Club$7.99
Monthly SpecialPrice Varies


Islander Chicken Wrap$7.99
Fish Taco Wrap (New)$7.99
Red-Neck Burrito $6.99
Grilled Chicken Wrap$7.99
Bob's Grouper Wrap$7.99
Kick'n Chicken Wrap$6.99
Greek Chicken Wrap (New)$7.99
Buffalo Shrimp Wrap$7.99


Chef Salad$8.99
Firecracker Salad$7.99
Greek Salad$5.99
Southwestern Salad$8.99
Bret's Kick'n Chicken Salad$6.99
House Salad$4.99
House Salad (Baby Salad)$3.59
Cobb Salad$8.99
PBC Wedge Salad$5.99

Lighter Side

Bunless Burger or Chicken$7.99
Ultimate Grouper Plate$9.99
Fish & Grits (New)$9.99

Pick Any Two $6.99

1/2 Sandwich * Salad * Potato * Bowl of Pasta
Grilled Fish Plate$7.99
Almond Chicken Plate$3.99


Coca Cola Fountain Drinks$2.19
Sweet / Unsweet Tea$2.19

More about Pickle Barrel

But what perhaps attracts diners to Pickle Barrel is its variety of food items, particularly its enticing choices of specialty sandwiches such as pastrami, corned beef, roast beef, and brisket. As specially cooked to perfection as these meals are – they are priced low when compared to the sandwiches of other deli restaurants. To cite an example, its pastrami sandwich, the taste of which is enhanced with pepper and other spices, is a popular choice because of its low price, which is around $8 for a large size. Customers even make two meals out of a single order.

Guests that are pressed for time can order Pickle Barrel sandwiches online. Orders can be picked up or delivered within a 5-mile radius of the restaurant.

Pickle Barrel is synonymous with delicious food, a great ambiance that’s perfect for unforgettable dining, and top-rated restaurant service. Its proprietor, Eric Gliner, makes sure that every customer is given the best food and service that he deserves. In fact, Pickle Barrel has been consistent ever since when it comes to its commitment to excellence that it has earned the honor of being one of the most popular and well-loved delicatessen restaurants in South Florida.

For more information about Pickle Barrel, visit their official website.

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