Denny’s Menu Prices

You are at the place for Denny’s menu prices! Denny’s restaurant chain is the place for pancakes and everything breakfast. Home of the Grand Slam® breakfast, Denny’s is also a fast-casual restaurant offering lunch and dinner items.

No matter what time of day it is, Denny’s is always open, 24/7, to serve you what you crave. Feeling like breakfast for dinner? Denny’s can help. Besides the fixed menu items, Denny’s also offers featured dishes throughout the year.

Denny’s menu prices.



Iced Cappuccino$2.79

Iced Tea

FUZE® Raspberry Tea$2.19
Lemonade Iced Tea$2.19
Iced Tea$2.19

Other Beverages

Soft Drinks$2.29
Hot Tea $2.15
Hot Chocolate $2.15

Juice & Milk

Minute Maid® Premium Berry Blend$2.69
Apple Juice or Minute Maid® Orange Juice$2.69
2% Milk$2.65
Chocolate Milk (reduced fat)$2.75

Premium Lemonades

Mango Lemonade $2.69
Lemonade $2.19
Strawberry Lemonade$2.69


Groovy Mango Smoothie$3.29
Strawberry Banana Bliss Smoothie$3.29

Milk Shakes

Cake Batter Milk Shake$3.99
Chocolate Peanut Butter Milk Shake$3.99
Peanut Butter Banana Milk Shake$3.99
Vanilla or Chocolate Milk Shake$3.99
Strawberry or OREO® Milk Shake$3.99

Breakfast Sandwiches

Loaded Breakfast Sandwich $6.00
Moons Over My Hammy® $8.99
The Grand Slamwich® $8.99


Dulce de Leche Crunch Pancake Breakfast$9.29
Cranberry Orange Pancake Breakfast$7.89
Peanut Butter Cream Pancake Breakfast$7.89
Stack of Dulce de Leche Crunch Pancakes$5.99
Salted Caramel & Banana Cream Pancake Breakfast$8.99
Sticky Bun Pancake Breakfast$7.89
Banana Pecan Pancake Breakfast$7.79
Blueberry Pancake Breakfast$7.79
Blueberry Pancake Puppies (10)$2.99


Build Your Own Grand Slam®$7.19
Lumberjack Slam®$10.19
All-American Slam®$10.19
Belgian Waffle Slam®$9.19
Fit Slam®$7.99
French Toast Slam®$9.19
Honey Jalapeno Bacon Slam®$7.69
Grand Slam Slugger® $8.99
Country-Fried Steak & Eggs$10.59
T-Bone Steak & Eggs $14.99

Omelettes & Skillets

Crazy Spicy Skillet$8.99
Ultimate Omelette®$9.99
Steak Skewer & Eggs Skillet$9.99
Santa Fe Skillet$7.99
Supreme Skillet$7.99
Fit Fare® Veggie Skillet$7.99
Loaded Veggie Omelette$9.19
Ham & Cheese Omelette$9.49
Philly Cheesesteak Omelette$9.99
Smoky Gouda Chicken & Broccoli Skillet$9.69
Smoky Gouda Prime Rib & Broccoli Skillet$10.69
Wild Alaska Salmon Skillet$10.69
Bourbon Chicken Skillet$9.69


Stack of Pancakes$2.00
Turkey Bacon Strips (2)$1.55
Bacon Strips (2)$1.55
Honey Jalapeno Bacon Strips (2)$3.09
French Fries$2.79
Seasoned French Fries$3.39
Eggs (each)$1.79
Hash Browns $2.59
Cheddar Cheese Hash Browns $3.39
Everything Hash Browns (Onions, Cheddar cheese & country gravy)$3.59
Red-Skinned Potatoes $2.69
Garden Salad$3.49
Slice of Toast (2)$1.89
Sausage Links (4)$3.09
Seasonal Fruit$2.59
Bacon Cheddar Tots$3.99
Onion Rings$3.89
Red-Skinned Potatoes$2.59
Caesar Salad$2.29
Buttermilk Biscuit$1.89
English Muffin$1.89
Grilled Ham Slice$3.59
Dippable Veggies$2.79
Sauces & Dressings$0.49


Build Your Own Sampler 3 for $8.49 or pick 2 for $5.99

Blueberry Pancake Puppies (10)$2.99
Blueberry Pancake Puppies (6)$1.99
Chicken Strips$7.49
Zesty Nachos$8.29
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks$5.99
Chicken & Sausage Quesadilla $6.99
Loaded Bacon Cheddar Tots$5.99
Bacon Cheddar Tota$3.99

Soups & Salads

Prime Rib Cobb Salad$9.39
Chicken Cobb Salad$9.39
Cranberry Apple Chicken Salad$9.39
Chicken Noodle Soup$2.89
Clam Chowder $2.89

Burgers & Sandwiches

Bacon Gouda Burger$9.79
Honey Jalapeno Bacon Sriracha Burger$9.59
Build Your Own Burger$8.69
Double Cheeseburger $9.89
The Super Bird®$8.99
Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger$9.59
Chicken Philly Melt$8.99
Bourbon Bacon Burger$9.59
Prime Rib Philly Melt$9.79
Pot Roast Melt$9.99
Cali Club Sandwich$9.99
Chicken Bacon Classic$8.99

Dinner Entrées

Brooklyn Spaghetti & Meatballs $9.79
T-Bone Steak (13oz.)$15.49
Sirloin Steak $11.69
Slow-Cooked Pot Roast$9.99
Country-Fried Steak $10.99
Chicken Strips$10.79
T-Bone Steak & Shrimp$17.49
Tilapia Ranchero$10.69

Kids Menu

Jr. Cinnamon Crunch Pancake Breakfast$3.79
Jr. Cake Batter Milk Shake $1.79
Build Your Own Jr. Grand Slam®$3.49
Chocolate Chip Pancakes$3.49
Jr. French Toast$3.49
Grilled Chicken on a Stick $3.79
Jr. Cheeseburger $3.79
Chicken Nuggets$3.79
Mac & Cheese $3.79
Jr. Ice Cream $2.19
Jr. Milk Shake$1.79
Jr. Oreo® Blender Blaster$1.79


Chocolate Lava Cake$2.99
Caramel Apple Pie Crisp $3.49
New York Style Cheesecake $3.69
Build Your Own Sundae$2.99
Banana Split $4.69

Value Menu

Everyday Value Slam®$4.00
Stack of Pancakes$2.00
Biscuit & Gravy Breakfast$4.00
Loaded Breakfast Sandwich$6.00
French Toast Slugger (tm)$8.00
Slice of French Toast$2.00
Country-Fried Steak & Eggs Skillet$8.00
Build Your Own Chicken Wraps$6.00
Southern Chicken Slugger (tm)$8.00
Chicken Loaded Potato Skillet$8.00
Eggs in a Basket$6.00
Southwest Turkey Sandwich with Cup of Soup$6.00
Shareable Turtle Sundae$4.00

Additional Information on Denny’s

Meet the Slams®

Be sure to visit Denny’s website frequently so you don’t miss an episode featuring America’s Favorite Breakfast Sweethearts- Egg, Bacon, Pancake, and Sausage.

Gift Cards

Since no one has yet figured out how to package ‘2 eggs sunny side up with a side of bacon’ why not give the next best thing; A Denny’s gift card. They are perfect for birthdays, awards, Christmas, recognition. With easy online ordering, you choose the dollar value and the gift cards will be sent to your recipient via postal service.

Vegas Wedding

Now, for die-hard Denny’s fans, you can get married at the non-denominational chapel located inside the Las Vegas Denny’s location. Right after the official ‘I Do’ you can order up your favorite Denny’s dish. Wedding packages start at $95.

Loyalty Program

Don’t let your love for eating at Denny’s go unnoticed. Join the Denny’s Rewards program and start receiving money-saving coupons plus the latest news an what is new at Denny’s. Sign up only takes a few minutes and is free.


A career at Denny’s is open to those that have a positive attitude, have a passion for food, and are willing to work hard. Visit the Careers page on Denny’s website to learn more about Denny’s and the culture. You can also browse the list of current openings.

Social Responsibility Commitment

Denny’s believes in giving back to the communities we work in. Through national and local programs, Denny’s works with organizations that want to make the world a better place. Expect to see Denny’s team members volunteering in their community, serving food to those in need, and making charitable contributions. Some national programs Denny’s is involved in include No Kid Hungry, United Way, and Hungry for Education.


Denny’s began in 1953 when Harold Butler and Richard Jezak originally called it Denny’s Donuts. With the combination of Denny’s prices and convenient locations, the chain grew rapidly and by the 1980s had expanded to over 1,000 locations in the United States. Denny’s currently has more than 1,600 restaurants around the United States, and the company has locations in the UAE, Qatar, New Zealand, Japan and many other countries. Denny’s is a publicly traded company with headquarters in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Denny’s is a global brand with enormous name recognition. Be sure to follow and connect with Denny’s through several social media platforms.

For more information about Denny’s, visit their official website.

Denny’s Frequently Asked Questions

When does Denny’s Breakfast End?

Denny’s breakfast menu items are available all day, and with most locations open 24hrs you can that enjoy breakfast whenever you want.

Does Denny’s Serve Dinner All Day?

Denny’s Dinner menu items are available all day, and with most locations open 24hrs you can enjoy dinner whenever you want.

What is Denny’s Birthday Deal?

On your Birthday, head to your nearby Denny’s and enjoy a free Grand Slam breakfast.

How many Denny’s are there in the USA?

As of 2022 there are 1487 Denny’s restaurants in the United States.

43 thoughts on “Denny’s Menu Prices”

  1. Yes the prices are high,your better off going to a waffle house where the food is not only affordable but great.You also get more food for what you’re paying for.

  2. After eating at Dennys in Zainsville ohio I will never eat at a Dennnys again. Their prices are very high for a diner. Got me once, never again

  3. We live 1 mile from Denny’s and for 3 years ate there 2 or 3 times a week, many times with groups. According to my credit card I was spending on average $2,500 a year.

    since their prices have gone up so much and the food has gotten so sorry we went less. The last 3 visits we found service HORRIBLE (walked out 2 of the 3 after sitting a long time).

    I haven’t been back in almost 2 years.

  4. Have always found Denny’s a good value if you know how to read a menu well. There are plenty of choices on the $2 $4 $6 $8 menu, if you know how to be creative. Also, it’s one of the few fast food chains that offer a veggie burger, HUGE plus for our family. Like any chain, service varies greatly from store to store, our local places are pretty good overall. In any case, we’ve been going for years and don’t plan to stop.

    • Justin you must have the most pathetic life sitting on here at 1am talking trash like you are some high class person, and half the crap you post is spelled wrong and makes no sense. Find something better to do that bully people expressing their opinions, silly little boy.

  5. I don’t find Denny’s prices any higher then other diners. My only problem with Denny’s is the very high sodium content of their foods. Their chicken breasts are even pre soaked in a brine before they get them. I am on a low sodium diet for medical reasons and have found Denny’s to be one of the worst when it comes to sodium.

  6. Denny’s restraunt near Lemoyne Ohio, I will never eat there again. This place was not presentable, floors weren’t swept, tables and boothe’s were not wiped down, which leads me to think that the kitchen was dirty and not cleaned properly. Oh, and did I mention, the food was horrible!? Not sure what to think, if the food was contaminated or if it was poisoned but eversince I got home I ended up using the restroom 4 times!! I would not recommend this restraunt to anyone.

  7. l drive for a living. Just about every travel center l stop at has a Denny’s. l have eaten there one time in 38 years. lt was back when you received a free meal on your birthday. l ordered the 2 egg 2 bacon and hash brown potatoes and toast with a glass of milk. l also wanted 2 extra eggs which would be a side order. They said the toast was an extra 2.00 the milk was 2.79 because these items were not included with the meal l chosen and the extra eggs were 2.00 each. With tax and tip it is well over 7.00 at this point for a free meal. l can understand paying for the drink and extra eggs but 2.00 for two pieces of bread that should be included with the plate. l have never been to a restaurant that didn’t include a bread item like toast rolls or biscuits with the meal. Biggest ripoff ever. Yes Denny’s sucks and will never receive another dime from my pocket. l just looked at the menu where l am at now for the weekend. One piece of French toast = 2.00 or 2 pancakes = 2.00. How about an egg with that @ 2.00. Want to wash it down? 2.79 for a glass of 2% milk. l looked at a breakfast plate on the 4.00 menu was to include 2 eggs hash browns and 1 biscuit with gravy. l thought about adding the 4.00 all you can eat pancakes along with 2.00 side of toast and milk. Total about 13.00 before tax and tip. For 13.00 l buy a dozen large eggs @ 2.79 pound of bread @ 1.99 half gallon of whole milk @ 2.79 and a pound of good sausage for 3.00. l still have over 2.00 left. Which l will spend on a potatoes onions or tomatoes Before the comment is made. Yes l do carry and cook my own food. A burger at Denny’s is almost 10.00 not including fries or drink. 15.00 for a burger meal. 3.99 for a pound of ground beef 2.50 half pound of cheese 1.79 8 pack of buns a few cents for home cut fries. 4 burgers with fries under 10.00. Denny’s overpriced. You bet. Mediocre greasy food. Absolutely. Quality of service. Very poor. At least it was the one time l dined.

  8. I went to my local Denny’s and built my own Grand Slam. (Pancakes, eggs, turkey bacon, and hashbrowns.) I did however, ask for extra bacon and eggs because I was sharing my breakfast. My total was $12. $12. I really didn’t think two extra eggs and two extra slices of turkey bacon would cost $5. Was probably just better off ordering two Grand Slams at that price, right? I much prefer IHOP but the closest one is 20 minutes away and Denny’s is less than 5. *sigh* This was only like two weeks ago.

  9. this is not accurate at all. for 1 an upgrade to seasoned fries is now a fricken $1.50, it’s TRIPPLED in less than 1 year.

    from January 2016 to May 2017, Quality of food has gone done A Lot, you get less for your money, and the prices have been hiked.

    I used to get fat juicy burgers that tasted great, now I get these hard flat crisp slabs of meat that don’t taste great at all. I used to get a full glass of oreo milkshake and a half full tin, now the tin isn’t even included. Used to cost 50 cents to upgrade to season fries and I’d get a huge plateful to complement the massive burger, now it’s $1.50 and less than half the plate is even covered.

    I still Love Dennys, I just wish they’d go back in time, when prices were nice, and the food quality was great.

    Saddly, because of all the changes a lot of people who used to work at the local dennys here have quit or got fired, so all we’re left with is new people who have no clue that Denny’s used to have cheaper food and better quality.

    ironically, it’s just like the american government lol

  10. Took my twin 5 yr old grandsons to brunch today and our drinks (chocolate milk and orange juice with kids pancakes and ice tea for me) came to $7.39!! The one breakfast was $2.99 and his chocolate milk was $2.65. Seriously??????

  11. I think all you people who are complaining about DENNY”S prices have a choice,,,”EAT HOME”where “QUOTE”,the floors are clean,the lavatory is clean,your table is clean,,and the food is BETTER!!!!! Stop gripping about what”s wrong with these fast food restaurants!!!!


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