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Hometown Buffet menu prices at the ready. Hometown Buffet is a buffet-style restaurant that serves a variety of choices ranging from starters, meats, pasta, seafood. In addition, the restaurant offers seasonal specialties and uniquely prepared desserts. 

Hometown Buffet provides families a friendly environment to gather for a meal. Hometown Buffet business hours are from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. Reservations are not required unless dining as a group or large tour.

Below are the latest Hometown Buffet menu prices.


Breakfast Buffet

Saturday and Sunday (8:00am - 11:00am)$7.99

Lunch Buffet

Monday - Saturday (10:45am - 3:30pm)$8.99

Dinner Buffet

Monday - Thursday (3:30pm - 8:30pm)$11.99
Friday & Saturday (3:30pm - 9:00pm)$11.99
Sunday (11am - 8:30pm)$11.99

Join us for Military Monday

Mondays (All Day)%15 OFF

Join us for Family Night

Thursdays (5pm - 8pm)$11.99
Kid's (11 and younger & drinks included)$1.99

Limit is two kids per regular priced adult dinner purchase.

More Information about Hometown Buffet

Crave Connections Newsletter by Hometown Buffet

Crave Connections newsletter provides the latest Hometown Buffet news. Signing up for the  Hometown Buffet email service provides access to special discounts, exclusive offers and unique deals delivered directly to your email inbox. Signing up is quick and free.

Military Mondays at Hometown Buffet

Hometown Buffet is a supporter of the military service. Through the Military Mondays program, Hometown Buffet provides U.S.Military Service members (active, reserve, or veteran) and their family special discounts. Be sure to ask your server for more details.

Hometown Buffet Gift Cards 

Gifting a Hometown Buffet gift card is a simple way to show someone you care. Gift card recipients get to indulge in a variety of food choices to meet their specific tastes. Gift Cards can be purchased on the Hometown Buffet website and sent via postal service. Guests can even personalize the gift card.

Large Group & Tours Dining at Hometown Buffet

When it comes to accommodating small or large groups, guests can count on Hometown Buffet to shine. Whether it is a birthday party or team meeting, Hometown Buffet can handle it. Hometown Buffet is the perfect spot for large tour groups. With a large buffet selection plus an accommodating atmosphere, Hometown Buffet is the perfect spot to gather, eat, and enjoy.

Nutritional Information from Hometown Buffet

Hometown Buffet makes it easy to get the nutritional data of the dishes found on the buffet. Complete nutritional information can be found on the official Hometown Buffet website. For guests with restrictive diets, Hometown Buffet provides alternative food choices. Choices include low carbohydrate and low-fat selections, plus diabetic info. Visit the website before you head to Hometown Buffet.

Hometown Buffet Careers

Hometown Buffet is always in search of multi-talented team members that want to provide exceptional customer service and build a fulfilling career in the foodservice industry. Learn about Hometown Buffet and its parent company by visiting the official website. On the website, candidates can learn about careers as a team member, manager, or corporate support member. Be sure to view the list of current openings.

hometown-buffet-menu-pricesHistory of Hometown Buffet

Hometown Buffet was originally started in by C.Dennis Scott in 1991 in San Diego, California. In 1996, Hometown Buffet was acquired by Buffets, Inc., the owner of Old Country Buffet. Today, Hometown Buffet is part of Ovation Brands. Ovation Brands is headquartered in Greer, SC and operates 318 Hometown Buffet locations. Familiar names that are part of Ovation Brands include Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s and Hometown Buffet.

For more information about Hometown Buffet, visit their official website.

34 Responses

  1. The coupons they send me are a joke. Most don’t include drinks. You’re basically saving like a buck. No take out coupons either. This joint is headed into the gutter if they don’t wise up and send out better promotions.

  2. I have the (senior) lunch without a beverage at the City of Industry, CA. location a couple times a month and the price has been Over $8.00 for a l o n g time. Time to update this page

  3. I have (senior) lunch without beverage a couple times a month and it has been
    $8.93 with tax for a l o n g time. Time to update.

  4. Why is the buffet lunch for seniors $9.89 Monday thru Friday and $5.69 for others? You ave lost my business!!

  5. We don’t have one here in the San Diego area when I go to visit brother in idaho that is the first restaurant we visit. 🙁

  6. My family in I we going to the home town buffet the one in Rialto calif is nice in clean organizing old way is food good salad allots of fruits ice cream in drinks the employees are nice,I love the place.from my part I give them a excellent place to eat.

    1. yeah I give them two thumbs up also I go to the one Monterey Park,and it’s great good service always has a great amount of food no problem with the ribs,or shrimpif they run out of either day it’s right back out there in 10-15 minutes tops nothing bad to say about the restaurant I think it’s great and for those people that are crying about paying extra for drinks just ask for water glaand every now and then get up and put soda there you go i just saved you money,,your welcome lol…happy eatting people..peace out and stop being so tight open up a little splurge nd eat all you can at Hometown Buffet YEAH!!!!! deuces


  8. As a regular at Hometown Buffet – want to let everyone know their Monday recognition program has ended. I visited on 12/05/2016 and was informed the Corporate HQ was ending the program – no reasons – just no longer supported. Pretty amazing that they still show the #MilitaryMonday on their FB page without any comment about the program ending.
    Thus – I’m now also ending my patronage – without reasons and without further support.
    I also agree the pricing posted here is no longer accurate and the cost of the drinks is outrageous – a soda should not cost so much – restaurants have made the drinks their most profitable item.

  9. We Do Not appreciate Comment That Was Made By Your Employee Elio He Was Accusing us of Not Paying Cause We Didn’t Have a receipt on The Table. We Come To Home Town Buffet a lot And Don’t Have Put Up With This Type Of Behavior This Complaint Is For Home Town Buffet Bridgeton Mo.

  10. Coupons via email are impossible. You must buy a printer. Spend lots of money for a printer to use one time.
    They are not capable to find any other option with all the money and smart executives they have.
    A Senior think tank

  11. So many people bashing on this place, you are all super cheap if you say it’s too expensive, I pay the same or even more when I go and get fast food, if there are coupons, and they work well. And on top of that there was a deal for gift cards at 50% off, I got over %600 on that one. Great deal, their fried chicken beats KFC, and is even cheaper.

  12. Dinner in July 2018 for San Jose California location is $14.99. Lunch is $10.99. Seniors get a $1.00 discount. They did NOT ask for ID (but we look and are pretty old). Lunch hours end at 4:00. We got there around 3:55 pm, so we got the lunch price.

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