Swiss Chalet Menu with Prices (2023)

Swiss Chalet menu prices at your fingertips. Swiss Chalet Rotisserie and Grill is the leader at offering rotisserie chicken.  Since 1954, Swiss Chalet has used fresh, Grade A Chickens covered with their secret seasoning to keep patrons coming back for more. Partnering rotisserie chicken with mouth-watering ribs, Swiss Chalet has expanded to over 200 stores across Canada.

Below are the latest Swiss Chalet menu prices.

Swiss Chalet Menu Prices



Chalet Chicken Wings (8 Wings)550$10.99
Chalet Chicken Wings (16 Wings)1100$19.99
Chicken Spring Rolls510$7.99
Cheese Perogies420$6.99
Four Cheese Spinach Dip270$8.99
Garlic Cheese Loaf910$6.99
Garlic Loaf700$6.49
Coconut Shrimp540$8.99
Garden Salad40$4.99
Caesar Salad90$5.99
Mediterranean Tomato and Cucumber Salad150$5.99
Chalet Chicken Soup Cup100$2.99
Chalet Chicken Soup Bowl200$3.99
Loaded Baked Potato Chowder Cup120$3.99
Loaded Baked Potato Chowder Bowl240$4.99
8 Chicken Wings & Half Rack Side Rib1050$22.49
8 Wings & Half Rack Back Rib1200$23.49



Honey Garlic Feature1410$12.49
Honey Garlic Half Chicken Dinner1360$16.49
Honey Garlic Double Leg Dinner1250$15.49
Honey Garlic Quarter Chicken & Shrimp1410$17.99
Quarter Chicken & Shrimp Dinner775$14.99
Classic Quarter Chicken 520-610$9.99
Half Chicken Dinner614$13.49
Double Leg Dinner630$12.49
Chicken Pot Pie550$11.99

Family Packs

Family Pak$27.99
Chicken & Side Ribs Family Pak$37.99
Chicken & Back Rib Family Pak$38.99

Smokey BBQ Ribs

Honey Garlic 1/3 Rack BBQ Side Ribs430$16.99
Honey Garlic Half Rack BBQ Side Ribs650$19.99
Honey Garlic Half Rack BBQ Back Ribs1300$20.99
Honey Garlic Quarter Chicken & 1/3 Rack1400$20.99
Honey Garlic Quarter Chicken & Half Rack 1410$23.99
Honey Garlic Smoky Full Rack BBQ Side430-1300$24.99
Honey Garlic Full Rack Back BBQ Ribs920$26.99
Smoky 1/3 Rack BBQ Side Ribs430$13.99
Smoky Half Rack BBQ Side Ribs430-1300$16.99
Half Rack Back Ribs460$17.99
Quarter Chicken & 1/3 Rack BBQ Side Ribs1300-1400$17.99
Quarter Chicken & Half Rack BBQ Side1300-1400$20.99
Quarter Chicken & Half Rack BBQ Back1300-1400$21.99
Smoky Full Rack BBQ Side Ribs1300-1400$21.99
Full Rack Back Ribs920$23.99


Rotisserie Chicken Pesto Penne990$15.49
Spicy Chipotle Chicken Linguini 790$15.49
NEW! Tuscan Tomato Chicken Linguine 990$14.99
NEW! Spinach & Garlic Tortelloni with Rotisserie Chicken940$16.99
Pesto Penne1190$13.49
Spicy Chipotle Linguini 990$13.49
NEW! Tuscan Tomato Linguine 790$12.99
NEW! Spinach & Garlic Tortelloni 740$14.99

Rice Bowls

Teriyaki Chicken Stir-Fry1170$14.99
Teriyaki Stir-Fry970$12.99
Thai Curry950$15.49

Entree Salads

West Coast Salad390-460$11.99
Sweet Heat Salad340-440$11.99
Rotisserie Chicken Caesar Salad420$11.99
Spinach Chicken Salad410$12.99
Spinach Salad100-220$10.99


Hickory Rotisserie Chicken Flatbread700$10.49
Rotisserie Chicken on a Kaiser640-$9.99
Rotisserie Chicken Club Wrap710$10.99
Classic Hot Chicken Sandwich500-610$10.99
Rotisserie Chicken Club Kaiser 710$12.49
Crispy Fish Kaiser1130$14.49


Classic Hamburger490-710$10.99
Classic Cheeseburger 500-730$11.49
Classic Bacon & Cheeseburger 890$11.99
The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger 730$12.49


New! Fish Dinner230$13.99

Healthy Alternatives

Healthy Alternatives Sweet Heat Salad340-440$11.99
Healthy Alternatives Spinach Chicken410$12.99
Healthy Alternatives West Coast Salad390-460$11.99
Healthy Alternatives Chicken on a Kaiser480$9.99
Healthy Alternatives Quarter Chicken160-290$11.49

A La Carte

Classic Hamburger A la Carte490-790$9.99
Classic Cheeseburger A la Carte500-730$10.49
Classic Bacon Cheeseburger A la Carte890$10.99
Chicken Pot Pie A la Carte560$10.99
1/3 Rack BBQ Side Ribs A la Carte430$12.99
Quarter Chicken & 1/3 Rack BBQ Side Ribs1400$16.99


Classic Vanilla Cheesecake 380$5.49
Classic Fudge Cake490$5.49
Stuffed Cinnamon Donuts 880$6.49


Add Shrimp80$6.99
Fresh Cut Fries720$2.99
Oven Baked Potato220$2.99
Mashed Potatoes 100-215$2.99
Seasoned Rice250$2.99
Garden Salad40$4.99
Caesar Salad90$5.99
Fresh Vegetable Medley50$2.99
Creamy Coleslaw200$2.99
Sweet Kernel Corn140$2.99
Oven Baked Roll220$0.29
Sweet Potato Fries400$4.98
Poutine 910$4.48
Jasmine Rice380$2.99

Healthy Alternatives Sides

Garden Salad110$4.99
Oven Baked Potato220$2.49
Fresh Vegetable Medley50$2.99
Sweet Kernel Corn140$2.49


Home-Style Gravy (4 oz.)20$0.49
Home-Style Gravy (12 oz.)40$0.79
Rib Sauce (4 oz.)25$0.49
Chalet Dipping Sauce (4 oz.)25$0.49
Chalet Dipping Sauce (12 oz.)50$0.79

Dressings For Salads

Chalet House Dressing (1 oz.)160$0.79
Fat-Free Italian Dressing (1 oz.)5$0.79
Buttermilk Ranch Dressing (1 oz.)70$0.79
Fat-Free Raspberry Vinaigrette (1 oz.)15$0.79
Balsamic Vinaigrette (1 oz.)40$0.79
Mighty Caesar Dressing (1 oz.)170$0.79
Mediterranean Greek Dressing (1 oz.)80$0.79


Sour Cream70$0.25
Plum Sauce 100$0.49
Add Cheese140$0.50
BBQ Sauce 300.49
Chipotle Dip250.49
Add Honey Garlic 100$0.50

Kid’s Meals

Kids Creamy Garlic Penne430$5.99
Kids Chicken Penne320$6.99
Kids Cheese Pizza440$6.99
Kids Mini Burgers (2)360$6.99
Kids Mini Cheeseburgers (2)360-400$6.99
Kids Chicken Strips 320$6.99


4 Pack (4 x 335ml)600$4.00
Pepsi (355ml)150$1.59
Diet Pepsi (355ml)0$1.59
Lipton Brisk Iced Tea (355ml)0$1.59
Mug-Root Beer (355ml)170$1.59
7UP (355ml)160$1.59
Ginger Ale (355ml)120$1.59

About Swiss Chalet

People keep on coming back to get a Quarter Chicken Dinner, which is a roasted chicken leg or breast, a roll and a side dish of your choice.  Of course, it comes with the delicious Chalet sauce.  Another delight to the menu is their ribs, which are marinated for 24 hours and cooked and basted with their authentic smoky mesquite sauce.

The usual favorite would be the Honey Garlic Feature, or a quarter of rotisserie Chicken glazed with our Honey Garlic sauce. Choice of side, coleslaw, a piece of garlic toast and a cup of soup or slice of pie.  Side orders vary from fries, baked potato, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, Caesar salad or coleslaw, among others.  There are other favorites such as fish and chips and chicken and shrimp.  There are lighter dishes on the menu like the healthier alternative quarter chicken or the spinach chicken salad.

The ultimate bacon cheeseburger or the rotisserie chicken club wrap are other options, and a different take on roasted chicken.  They even have roasted chicken flatbread and a hot chicken sandwich. Their desserts include generous slices of apple pie, pecan pie or lemon meringue pie.  All of which are perfect to and a satisfying meal.

For more information about Swiss Chalet, visit their official website.

How does Swiss Chalet Cook Their Chicken?

Swiss Chalet’s chicken is cooked on a rotisserie, which is a cooking method that uses indirect heat to cook food. The food is placed on a spit, which is a long metal rod, and is then rotated in front of a heat source. This allows the food to cook evenly as it turns, and also allows the juices to baste the food, keeping it moist and flavorful.

The marinade used by Swiss Chalet is a secret blend of herbs and spices that gives the chicken its distinct taste. The chicken is marinated for several hours before being placed on the rotisserie to cook. The cooking time and temperature may vary depending on the size of the chicken but typically it takes around an hour to cook a chicken on rotisserie.

This method of cooking results in a tender, moist, and flavorful chicken with a crispy skin. The rotisserie chicken is usually served with their signature Chalet sauce.

Swiss Chalet Frequently Asked Questions

When Does Swiss Chalet Close?

Swiss Chalet opens at 11 am local time and close at 10 pm local time.

Why is Swiss Chalet called Swiss Chalet?

There is no fancy origin story or reason why Swiss Chalet is called Swiss Chalet.

When is Swiss Chalet Festive Special?

Swiss Chalet Festive Special starts the last Monday of November each year until December 26th.

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