Tin Lizzy’s Cantina Menu Prices

Tin Lizzy’s menu prices are here. Tin Lizzy’s is a highly differentiated, full-service restaurant and bar that serves delicious cuisine and wonderful drinks in a very welcoming environment. Tin Lizzy’s offers more than just a dining room away from home. The restaurant’s atmosphere sets a stage for a memorable dining experience with factors such as lighting, music, spacing, and artwork perfectly combined to create comfort for all guests.

Tin Lizzy’s sets high standards for their food quality and are keen to ensure guests receive the same quality with every meal. They offer genuine services to their guests while their knowledgeable and friendly staff serve as a reflection of the restaurant’s culture.

Below are the latest Tin Lizzy’s menu prices.


Tin Dips

Three Amigos$12.49
The Duo (Any salsa and one queso)$6.99
The Duo (Any salsa and guacamole)$8.99
The Duo (One queso and guacamole)$10.99
Queso Blanco$4.99
Queso Fundido$5.99
Black Bean Queso $5.49
Salsa Fresca$2.99
Spicy Red Salsa$2.99


Grilled Onions & Peppers$0.99
Buffalo Chicken$2.99
BBQ Chicken$2.99
Fried Chicken$2.99
Grilled Chicken$2.99
Grilled Steak$3.59
Grilled Shrimp$3.59
BBQ Pulled Pork$3.29
Buffalo Shrimp$3.59
BBQ Shrimp$3.59
Chopped Bacon$1.99
Black Beans$0.99


Crispy Southwest Springs Rolls$5.49
Fried Jalapenos$3.99
Fried Pickles$2.99
Boneless Chicken Strips (6-piece)$6.99
Boneless Chicken Strips (12-piece)$12.99


Chicken Tortilla Soup (Cup)$2.69
Chicken Tortilla Soup (Bowl)$3.99
Black Bean Soup (Cup)$1.99
Black Bean Soup (Bowl)$2.99

Build Your Own Skillets

Half Skillet$3.99
Whole Skillet$6.99

Add Meat

Grilled Chicken$2.99
BBQ Chicken$2.99
Fried Chicken$2.99
Buffalo Chicken$2.99
Grilled Steak$3.59
Buffalo Shrimp$3.59
BBQ Shrimp$3.59
Chopped Bacon$1.99
Fried Tilapia$3.29

Add Veggies

Extra Grilled Peppers$0.99
Extra Grilled Onions$0.99
Black Beans$0.99


Cheddar Cheese$0.99
Monterey Jack Cheese$0.99
Feta Cheese$0.99
Goat Cheese$0.99
Blue Cheese Crumblus$0.99


BBQ Chicken and Goat Cheese$9.99
Buffalo Chicken and Black Bean$8.99
Southwest Chicken Cobb$9.99

Build Your Own Salad

Half Salad$4.49
Whole Salad$5.99


BBQ Chicken and Goat Cheese$9.99
BBQ Pork$8.99
Philly Style (Chicken)$7.99
Philly Style (Sirloin)$8.99
Chicken, Bacon, Ranch (C.B.R)$8.49
Buffalo Chicken and Black Bean$7.99
Cheese Quesadilla$3.99

Specialty Tacos

Korean BBQ Pork$3.29
Super Greek$3.29
BBQ Pork$3.49
Low Country Boil Taco$3.69

Chicken Tacos

Santa Fe Chicken$3.29
Southern Comfort$3.29
Grilled Chicken$2.89
Chicken Philly$2.99
Fiesta Chicken$2.99
BBQ Chicken$2.99
Fajita Chicken$2.99
Chicken Con Queso$3.29
Fried Chicken$2.99
Southwest Chicken Club$3.29
Buffalo Chicken$2.99

Steak Tacos

Fajita Steak$3.59
Grilled Steak$3.39
Philly Cheesesteak $3.29
Spicy Cilantro Steak$3.49
Santa Fe Steak$3.59

Fish & Shrimp Tacos

Chop Chop Shrimp$3.69
Fajita Shrimp$3.59
Spicy Tilapia$3.29
Buffalo Shrimp$3.59
Fried Fish$2.99


Veggie Rice$1.89
Bacon-Cilantro Slaw$1.99
Veggie Black Beans$1.69
Black Beans & Rice$1.89
Cucumber Salad$1.99
Salsa (Small)$0.49
Salsa (Large)$1.99
Queso (Small)$0.99
Queso (Large)$3.99
Guacamole (Small)$0.99
Guacamole (Large)$5.99
Sour Cream$0.49
Grilled Tortillas (4)$1.39
Tater Tots $2.79

Kids (12 & Under Please)

Cheese Quesadilla$4.49
Chicken Fingers (Fried or Grilled)$4.99
Fish Sticks (Fried or Grilled)$4.99
Taco Plate (Fried or Grilled)$4.99
Corncob Bites (Fried or Grilled)$4.99


Soft Drinks/Bottled Water$2.19
Energy/Recovery Drink$2.99

More about Tin Lizzy’s Cantina

Tin Lizzy’s Menu 

Other than treating all their guests as ”friends being served by their fellow friends”, the other thing that sets Tin Lizzy’s apart from the rest is their superior execution of food and drinks at such competitive prices. They have a unique menu that is referred to as ”FlexMex”. FlexMex is a cuisine that resembles Tex-Mex but is influenced by and comprised of many cultures. The menu features numerous delicacies including tin dips, starters, tacos, skillets, quesadillas, salads, sides and various drinks. 

Tin Lizzy’s Kids Menu

The kids’ menu features chicken fingers, fish sticks, taco plate and cheese quesadilla. Every kid’s meal comes with a soft drink and a treat. 

Tin Lizzy’s Catering

Tin Lizzy’s unique FlexMex cuisine impressed many people and many neighborhoods wanted it brought to their area. Tiny Lizzy’s decided to take their FlexMex cuisine to these neighborhoods. You can order catering from any of their locations. Anything from appetizers, buffets, salads, sides to deserts will be brought to you. 

Tin Lizzy’s History

Tin Lizzy's Cantina Menu PricesTin Lizzy’s was started by four college friends who identified a restaurant opportunity in Georgia and acquired a restaurant to test their concept in 2005. The restaurant has grown into numerous locations and has become a popular place to work or meet up with friends to enjoy refreshing margaritas and tasty FlexMex cuisine.  

For more information about Tin Lizzy’s, visit their official website.

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