Nando’s Chicken Menu Prices

Nando’s originated from South Africa. It is a casual dining restaurant with a Mozambican-Portuguese theme that started in 1987 at the Rosettenville mining suburb of Johannesburg. In 2010, “Advertising Age” named Nando’s as one of the 30 hottest marketing brands and so it is with over 1,000 locations in 35 countries.

Below are the latest Nando’s menu prices.



3 Chicken Wings£3.45
Houmous with PERi-PERi Drizzle£3.50
Red Pepper Dip£3.50
Spicy Mixed Olives£3.40
PERi-PERi Nuts£3.15
Garlic Bread£2.30
All Together Now (To Share)£9.30
Wing Roulette £9.85


Chicken Livers and Portuguese Roll (On Its Own)£6.30
Chicken Livers and Portuguese Roll (+2 Reg Sides)£9.30

PERi-PERi Chicken

1/4 Chicken (On Its Own)£4.35
1/4 Chicken (+2 Reg Sides)£7.35
1/2 Chicken (On Its Own)£7.10
1/2 Chicken (+2 Reg Sides)£10.10
5 Chicken Wings (On Its Own)£5.55
5 Chicken Wings (+2 Reg Sides)£8.55
10 Chicken (On Its Own)£9.85
Wing Roulette (On Its Own)£9.85
Whole Chicken£12.50
Chicken Thighs (On Its Own)£7.30
Chicken Thighs (+2 Reg Sides)£10.30
Chicken Butterfly (On Its Own)£7.30
Chicken Butterfly (+2 Reg Sides)£10.30

Sharing Platters

No Bones (about it) Platter£20.25
Wing Platter (10 Chicken Platter)£17.10
Full Platter (Whole Chicken)£19.95
Meal Platter (Whole Chicken)£19.95
Jumbo Platter (2 Whole Chickens)£43.95

Try Something New?

Churrasco Thigh Burger (On Its Own)£7.45
Churrasco Thigh Burger (+2 Reg Sides)£10.45
Quinoa Salad (On Its Own)£6.95

Burgers, Pittas, Wraps

PERi-PERi Chicken

Churrasco Thigh Burger (On Its Own)£7.45
Churrasco Thigh Burger (+1 Reg Side)£8.95
Churrasco Thigh Burger (+2 Reg Sides)£10.45
Butterfly Burger (On Its Own)£8.85
Butterfly Burger (+1 Reg Side)£10.35
Butterfly Burger (+2 Reg Sides)£11.85

Grilled Chicken

Burger or Pita (On Its Own)£5.95
(+1 Reg Side)£7.45
(+2 Reg Sides)£8.95
(On Its Own)£6.95
(+1 Reg Side)£8.45
(+2 Reg Sides)£9.95

Double Chicken

Burger or Pita (On Its Own)£9.25
Burger or Pita (+1 Reg Side)£10.75
Burger or Pita (+2 Reg Sides)£12.25
Wrap (On Its Own)£10.25
Wrap (+1 Reg Side)£11.75
Wrap (+2 Reg Sides)£13.25

Veg Peridise


Burger or Pitta (On Its Own)£5.85
Burger or Pitta (+1 Reg Side)£7.35
Burger or Pitta (+2 Reg Sides)£8.85
Wrap (On Its Own)£6.85
Wrap (+1 Reg Side)£8.35
Wrap (+2 Reg Sides)£9.85


Burger or Pitta (On Its Own)£6.15
Burger or Pitta (+1 Reg Side)£7.65
Burger or Pitta (+2 Reg Sides)£9.15
Wrap (On Its Own)£7.15
Wrap (+1 Reg Side)£8.65
Wrap (+2 Reg Sides)£10.15

Portobello Mushroom and Halloumi

(On Its Own)£6.45
Burger or Pitta (+1 Reg Side)£7.95
Burger or Pitta (+2 Reg Sides)£9.45
Burger or Pitta (On Its Own)£7.45
(+1 Reg Side)£8.95
(+2 Reg Sides)£10.45


Cheddar Cheese / Pineapple / 1/4 Avocado / Chili Jam£0.60 (each)
Grilled Halloumi Cheese Portobello Mushroom £1.10 (each)

Beef Gatecrasher!

Prego Steak Roll (On Its Own)£8.90
Prego Steak Roll (+1 Reg Side)£10.40
Prego Steak Roll (+2 Reg Sides)£11.90


Spicy (Regular)£2.30
Spicy (Large)£4.25
Coleslaw (Regular)£2.30
Coleslaw (Large)£4.25
Garlic Bread (s)(Regular)£2.30
Garlic Bread (s) (Large)£4.25
Corn on the Cob (s)(Regular)£2.30
Corn on the Cob (s)(Large)£4.25
Creamy Mash (Regular)£2.30
Creamy Mash (Large)£4.25
Chips (Regular)£2.30
Chips (Large)£4.25
PERi-Salted Chips (Regular)£2.30
PERi-Salted Chips (Large)£4.25
Mixed Leaf Salad (Regular)£2.30
Mixed Leaf Salad (Large)£4.25
Macho Pass (Regular)£2.30
Macho Pass (Large)£4.25

Fino Sides

Fino Coleslaw£2.95
Sweet Potato Mash£2.95
Sweet Potato Wedges£2.95
Ratatouille £2.95


PERinaise£0.50 (each)
PERi-PERi Drizzle£0.50 (each)


Quinoa Salad (new)£6.95
Avocado and Green Bean Salad£6.70
Mediterranean Salad£5.25
Caesar Salad£6.55
Mixed Leaf Salad£4.25


Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet +£2.55
1/2 Avocado / Grilled Halloumi Cheese£1.10 (each)

Soft Drinks

Go Bottomless (Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite)£2.50 (per person)
Pressed Apple Juice£2.60
Mango Quencher £2.60
Orange Juice£2.60
Cloudy Lemonade £2.60
Mineral Water£2.25
Organic Water£1.00

Desserts & Coffee

Naughty Natas £1.50
Selection of Cakes£4.20 (each)
Gelado £2.95
Bottomless Frozen Yogurt£2.95

Nando’s is most famous for their Peri-Peri chicken which some has described as addictive; and why not? So much effort has gone into its preparation; overnight marinating to get the flavors to the bones, endless basting with Nando’s original Peri-Peri sauce and the expert butterfly-grilling on an open flame. Plus, it comes with honest food serving with not a single drop of preservatives, colorants and artificial flavorings on their fresh chicken that’s never been frozen.

nandos-chicken-menu-pricesA Nando’s will always be a Nando’s where the quality of the food and service will always be consistent because of their high regard for the people who make them. The Nandocas, a name they’ve coined for people working at Nando’s, are inspired by their adventurous spirit and their values of pride, passion, courage, integrity and family. Everyone is welcome at their table and that is why their mouthwatering Peri-Peri Chicken and service that comes along with it is always exquisite at every Nando’s outlet.

For more information about Nando’s, visit their official website.

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