Which Wich Menu Prices

Which Wich menu prices here. Which Wich is a casual dining sandwich shop that is best known for their salads and great tasting sandwiches. Besides their customizable submarine sandwiches, the place is recognized for its ordering method where customers use red Sharpies for marking the sandwich bag menus. Which Wich prices are not expensive at all, as a small Wich costs just $5.50 while the large one is pegged at $10.

Below are the latest Which Wich menu prices.





One Size20-60$6.50


One Size15$5.50


The Wicked (Small)430$1.00
The Wicked (Medium)700$1.50
The Wicked (Large)930$2.00
Double Meat (Small)440$2.00
Double Meat (Medium)660$3.00
Double Meat (Large)880$4.00
Double Cheese (Small)100$1.00
Double Cheese (Medium)150$1.50
Double Cheese (Large)200$2.00
Bacon (Small)120$1.00
Bacon (Medium)180$1.50
Bacon (Large)240$2.00
Sliced Egg (Small)80$1.00
Sliced Egg (Medium)160$1.50
Sliced Egg (Large)240$2.00
Fresh Avocado (Small)45$1.00
Fresh Avocado (Medium)70$1.50
Fresh Avocado (Large)90$2.00
Kidswich (Includes Drink & Snack)244$4.00
Wich Krispies or Brownie240-440$1.60
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich200$3.50
Fountain Drinks (Reg)120$1.75
Fountain Drinks (Lrg)240$2.25
Shakes (Small)660$3.25
Shakes (Regular)850$4.25
Shakes (Large)1320$5.25

More information about Which Wich

Vibe Club Rewards

For those fans that are regulars at Which Wich, join the Vibe Club Rewards program and collect points towards a free sandwich. For every 35 points accumulated, members receive a free 7″ sandwich. For being a member, you will also receive a free sandwich on your birthday plus random free stuff, special promotion offers and cash giveaways.

Their Bowlwich is $6.50 and the Lettucewich a dollar cheaper at $5.50. Their extras like the Wicked, fresh avocado, sliced egg, and bacon all cost under $2, the only ones that cost more being the Kidswich at $4, but that includes the snacks and drink. Their shakes are just as inexpensive, with the regular at $4.25 and the large $5.25.

History of Which Wich

The restaurant began its life in 2003 after it was founded by Genghis Grill CEO Jeff Smell. According to Smell, the idea for Which Wich was due to his frustration with the sandwiches that were available at restaurants at the time, so he decided to open one up. The very competitive Which Wich prices, innovative ordering system and the delicious sandwiches caught on, and from the single location in Dallas in 2003 there are now more than 350 locations in the US and internationally.

For more information about Which Wich, please visit their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you order Which Wich online?

Yes, Which Wich does accept online orders on their website through a third party app. Some locations also offer delivery service.

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