The Food Trends That Have Taken Over 2018

The Food Trends That Have Taken Over 2018

The late, great Anthony Bourdain once said, “Without experimentation, a willingness to ask questions and try new things, we shall surely become static, repetitive, and moribund.”

Bourdain was one of the most adventurous eaters on the planet. He taught us to embrace other cultures by breaking bread with them and listening to the stories they had to tell.

He left behind a legacy of openness, acceptance and world community. And he certainly ate his fair share of bugs.

Believe it or not, edible insects are one of the hottest food trends of 2018. Maybe this is a way for people to honor his memory.

Would you try some mealworm fried rice?

If that’s a little too far outside of your comfort zone, check out these other food trends that are blowing peoples’ minds.

Brothless Ramen

It might sound like an oxymoron, but mazemen, or no-broth ramen, is winning people overall across the country.

This addictive Japanese dish takes traditional ramen ingredients like delicate noodles, roast pork, ginger and green onions, and brings them together – without the broth. (Which actually makes it a lot easier to eat.)

A soft-cooked egg is a key ingredient in mazemen. Breaking the yolk onto those delicious noodles will make it clear why people are so in love with this dish.

Get Ready for Moringa

We are a culture obsessed with superfoods, and we’re always on the hunt for the healthiest possible thing.

Moringa, sometimes known as the drumstick tree, has been used for decades in South Asia to purify water and treat all manner of ailments. And now Americans are putting it in their smoothies.

This wonder plant is packed with crucial vitamins and minerals, amino acids, protein, and beta-carotene. You can buy it in a wide range of products, from tea to granola bars to cheese puffs.

DIY Condiments

A lot of trendy restaurants are boasting house-made hot sauces, salad dressings, mayonnaise and other condiments.

They can save money on condiment orders while creating their own unique brand that is sure to draw in eager foodies wanting to try their famous mango mint chutney.

Why not try making some of your own house-made condiments?

Outside the Box Dim Sum

Dim Sum restaurants have been popping up in cities across the nation for years now, but many places are pushing the envelope by creating bold, fusion dim sum recipes.

Traditional dim sum lovers might be a little judgmental, but once they try some roast duck pumpkin puff dim sum, they’ll be signing a different tune.

If you’ve never had dim sum, you need to put it on your to-do list, ASAP.

Edible Injections

Hip restaurants are incorporate syringes into their dining experience, by letting you inject your own food with sauces and fillings.

Just picture a beautiful, glossy donut that comes with a syringe filled with hazelnut mousse. How satisfying would it be to do your own desert injection?

This might even help some people get over their fear of needles.

Root-to-Stem Eating

Vegetables are really making a comeback in a lot of restaurants, which is great news for you vegans.

With sustainability at the forefront of a lot of restaurant’s mission statements, chefs are going the extra mile to use every part of the plant, hence the name root-to-stem.

Not only is this a healthy and delicious practice, but you can also give yourself props for helping the environment.

Expand Your Horizons – Try Some New Food Trends

Food trends come and go, and if you don’t try some injectable donuts now, they might not be available this time next year.

Don’t have any friends that are as adventurous as you? Don’t worry! Eating alone can be an awesome and exciting experience.

And don’t forget to check out our blog for more great meal ideas.

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