The Best Vegan Apps for Finding a Vegan Restaurant Near You

The Best Vegan Apps for Finding a Vegan Restaurant Near You

Going vegan isn’t just a fringe fad anymore. People are jumping on the plant-based diet bandwagon in droves. In fact, from 2014-2017 the number of people identifying as vegans rose from 1% to 6% of Americans, a whopping 600%!

But while the idea is gaining ground, it is still far from the norm. At 6% of Americans, that’s not a majority by any stretch of the imagination.

As a result, going out to eat can be especially challenging. Not all restaurants have vegan-friendly options. Plus, some are not able (or willing) to modify a menu item to make it vegan.

So what’s a vegan to do? Well, it’s 2018 and therefore, there’s an app for that! Check out these 5 best vegan apps that will help you find vegan restaurants near you.

Happy Cow

You can’t have a list of vegan apps without mentioning Happy Cow. This app comes from the website of the same name that is the original vegan traveler’s website.

The great thing about this app is that you can take it will you on all your adventures. It covers 183 countries so you can find vegan eats virtually anywhere you go.

It works kind of like Yelp in that it offers a short description, contact info, reviews, and a few photos. You can also look for veg-friendly restaurants. This means that your meat-eating friends and you can go out to eat at the same restaurant and everybody can find something they’ll like.


Speaking of Yelp, you can also try Yelp’s vegan version. It works just like normal Yelp with reviews and tantalizing photos. But you can specify vegan-friendly only restaurants for a mouthwatering array of options.

Vanilla Bean

This app comes with a fun interactive map. It started out in Germany and offers information for a variety of countries.

More recently it came to the US, but it already has a list of 16,000 vegan-friendly restaurants and counting. Try the gluten-free or raw filter to further narrow your list of options.


It can be a pain to find great vegan food options in an airport. This is particularly true if you’re pressed for time before boarding your next flight. To make matters worse, it’s likely that whatever options may be offered in the plane won’t be vegan.

Prepare yourself ahead of time with the AirVegan app. Search by airport terminal and find the options that are available.


If you’re new to the vegan world, you may not yet have realized that some alcoholic drink offerings are, surprisingly, not vegan. Cocktails can be made with egg whites and cow’s milk. But those are the easy ones to spot.

Even beer and wine can sometimes not be 100% vegan. For example, some brands use eggs or fish bladders to filter their product. That doesn’t sound too appetizing, does it?

The Vegaholic app will help you avoid any of those unpleasant surprises.

Download the Best Vegan Apps Today!

Ready to make your life as a vegan a bit easier? Download these best vegan apps today.

You’ve become a pro at being vegan in your own home. Now it’s time to be a pro at being vegan while you’re out and about. No more starving while you wait to get home or packing food in advance. With these apps, you have all the tools you need.

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