6 Tips for Dining Out Alone

6 Tips for Dining Out Alone

No dinner date? No worries! Dining out alone can be liberating—and fun. Whether you’re out of town on business, or you’re flying solo in your home city, a table for one truly can be an enjoyable experience. We promise.

Through trial and error, we’ve formulated the perfect plan for dining out alone. Follow the tips below to get the most from your solo dining experience:

Start with an Afternoon Date

If you’re having pre-solo date jitters, start small with a post-work cup of coffee or tea at a local café. Savor the experience by sitting outside and watching passersby. If you’re not used to dining out alone, a quick stop at a coffee shop is a great place to start.

Research Nearby Restaurants

Before venturing out, choose your restaurant in advance. While perusing reviews, pay close attention to restaurant-goers’ overall experience, and be sure to choose a restaurant that’s known for its friendly staff. Checking out the menu and narrowing your food choices can lessen anxiety when planning your solo night out.

Make a Reservation

Dining out alone for the first time can be stressful but standing around waiting for a table can seem downright excruciating when you’re by yourself. Opt for a restaurant that takes reservations, and call well in advance to ensure you get a table at your first restaurant pick.

Sit at the Bar

If dining without a partner isn’t your cup of tea, choose a restaurant with a bar. Bartenders are rock stars when it comes to small talk. If you sit at the bar during the evening rush, there are bound to be fellow solo diners to chat with.

Order a Drink

Whether you’re sitting at the bar or not, treat yourself to a beer or a glass of wine. There’s no shame in ordering an alcoholic beverage to ease your pre-meal tension. One drink will do; after all, you want to remember the experience.

Consider the Perks

There are some serious benefits that come along with dining alone. There’s no arguing over which restaurant to go to, or who will pick up the tab. You can order enough food to take up the entire table, glance at your phone without feeling guilty, and there’s no need to keep up a conversation after a long, hard day. Plus, you don’t have to share your dessert!

Long gone are the days when solo dining was a lonely experience. Give it a try, and you’ll likely get in touch with a more self-confident you. Bon appétit!

Article contributed by Kelly Spears

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