The 3 Best Mexican Dishes of All Time

The 3 Best Mexican Dishes of All Time

“I don’t like tacos”, said no one ever.

You don’t have to be a food expert to know that Mexican food is among one of the most favorite dishes around the globe. From tacos to tamales, it’s no secret – an authentic Mexican cuisine is a heaven to your taste buds.

But not many people know that Mexican dishes don’t stop there. There are hundreds of cuisines made in the Tierra Azteca that you have got to try! Fortunately, here at Restaurant Meal Prices, we’ve got you covered.

Craving to know the 3 best Mexican dishes of all time? Here they are!

3 Best Mexican Dishes Of All Time

Trust us, this was not an easy decision. With all the delicious cuisines out in the market, choosing only 3 Mexican dishes was pretty hard. Here’s what we’ve come up with.


When it comes to narrowing down the best Mexican dishes of all time Taquitos had to make the list. Also known as Flautas, these consist of mini, rolled, refried tortillas usually filled with cheese, steak/beef.

Normally served as an appetizer, out of all Mexican dishes, this one is one of the easiest to make. Originally from the area of Sinaloa, the northern area of Mexico, these tasty appetizers quickly gained the popularity of residents of the United States.

Yellow Rice And Beans

You know we couldn’t go make it through this list without listing yellow rice and beans. Undeniably, the staple foods of any and all Latin countries, not many people are aware that this is a pinnacle dish for Mexico as well.

Served with a side of steak and/or chicken, this Mexican food is usually cooked with onion, peppers, and annatto seeds and holds one of the savoriest flavors you will ever encounter.


Did you really think that we were going to go through the list of ultimate Mexican dishes and not list tacos?

According to National Taco Day‘s website, Americans last year consumed over 45 billion tacos! Ever since we can remember, tacos have always been one of the greatest Mexican cuisines the world has ever tasted. Whether they’re filled with shrimp, fish, chicken, or beef – this yummy, authentic Mexican food literally translates to “light lunch.”

Fortunately, tacos are one of the Mexican dishes that are easily adaptable to for all. Whether you want soft shells, crunchy shells, or vegan shells, the versatility is one of the reasons why tacos are at the top of the list for Mexican Dishes.

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