The 17 Best Side Dishes for a Prime Rib Dinner

The 17 Best Side Dishes for a Prime Rib Dinner

When you are sitting down to a great prime rib dinner, you want side dishes that complement this great cut of beef. Whether you are cooking a roast at home or going out somewhere like Ruby Tuesdays or Texas Roadhouse to have their awesome prime rib, knowing what will enhance this already great main dish is helpful. While the focus of your meal is on the cut of beef, some complementary flavors and textures can make your meal not only more enjoyable but also one to remember.

The Best Sides

  1. Yorkshire Pudding – You can not go wrong with a well-made Yorkshire pudding. It is a critical part of any traditional roast beef meal. Some know it as a popover or a type of souffle but no matter what you call it, Yorkshire pudding can make the meal. Using the drippings from the roast itself in the muffin pan makes them flavor-rich and delicious. The recipe is simple and, when done in the high-heated oven, gives you puffy, golden brown Yorkshires that are even better with some tasty au juice. This side delivers a traditional taste that fits right in with your roast beef dinner.Truffled French Fries
  1. Truffled French Fries – Not all of us would think to pair French fries with this high end cut of beef but truffled fries are not your everyday fry. Cooking fresh cut fries made from yellow potatoes with high-end truffle oil gives you fries that match the quality of the meat. As mentioned, there are recipes that use only the truffle oil but there are others that use shaved truffles as well. Both enhance the flavor of the fries so much, you’ll never go back to plain fries even again. A truffle French fry is a great way to change up what you would have as a normal side with your prime rib.
  1. Butternut Squash and Apple – While many of us have never had butternut squash with a bit of apple, a new recipe is a great way to make an easy vegetable side for your prime rib. Both the squash and tart apple are sliced in thin pieces, put in a pan, then topped with brown sugar, flour, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, and butter. Then, bake so you get a casserole-type dish. It is sweet so it compliments the prime rib really well. This recipe can be made in a pan or simply by mixing the flavors into the squash and apple.
  1. Creamed Spinach – When someone suggests creamed spinach, we don’t always get excited like it’s one of our favorites. Especially when thinking of pairing it with prime rib. That said, you can find recipes for creamed spinach that are creamy and add a rich flavor to your meal. They’re usually simple recipes highlighted by parmesan cheese and cream. You won’t save any calories eating this but it has great flavor and compliments a beef meal really well. The spinach flavor isn’t too strong but it has enough to make it taste rich and enjoyable.Bacon Roasted Brussel Sprouts
  1. Bacon Roasted Brussel Sprouts – When it comes to side dishes, your choices do not have to be complicated. They can simply be a new twist on an old favorite. The name of this one says it all. You need some Brussel sprouts, some bacon, and garlic. Bake the sprouts, cut them up when they are roasted, sprinkle with bacon pieces and garlic, cover, and place back in the oven. After 20 minutes, remove the cover comes and bake for another 30 minutes to finish them off. Sprinkle a little salt on them and you are set to serve. They take a little longer to cook than many sides but the flavor is worth it.
  1. Potato Pancakes – These are great if you want something different than the standard Yorkshire pudding as your starchy side. There are many great recipes for these pancakes with most using potato, onion, and some egg and milk. Once they are fried up, get some applesauce and you have a great side. This is a good side to have with prime rib because you can make them on the stovetop rather than the oven so you can do the prep and cooking while the roast is finishing up. Most recipes are fairly simple but make a great option that is different than the normal puddings and veggies.
  1. Risotto – There are so many great recipes for risotto available. Pick one that has a flavor that matches the prime rib, one that is creamy with mushrooms and onion pairs really well with beef. Some people have wine in them for a different taste and others make theirs a little Whichever you decide is good, just make sure the flavors are compatible with your prime rib. You want a classic and elegant pairing of flavors that complement each other overall.
  1. Horseradish – This is one of the classic standbys when it comes to side dishes for prime rib. While there are some really inexpensive options on the market, buy one that costs a little more. It complements your meal with a spicy taste that enhances the whole dish. We often simply forget to put it on the table as it seems like an extra condiment but it should be put out ahead of time for better flavor. Room temperature horseradish along with au jus or full gravy will make your dinner a standout meal.
  1. Creamed Peas – This dish is an old standby for many but it can also be dressed up a little so it is perfect with your prime rib dinner. If you sauté mushrooms and onions in butter then add a little flour, you create the base for a roux. Add in some chicken broth and milk to create a thickened sauce. Lastly, put in some cooked peas and stir. Add some ground nutmeg and black pepper with a dash of salt to finish off the taste. This dish gives great flavor to the meal and you’ll enjoy the sauce as well. Crusty Bread
  1. Crusty Bread – There was a time where many made homemade bread and rolls to accompany their everyday meals. The smell of fresh-baked bread in the house is wonderful. Having crusty bread or rolls as a side with your prime rib is a great option. You can find many recipes online for oven baking or bread makers. If you do not want the fuss and mess of making bread, grab a fresh loaf from the store. Just remember that this bread goes stale quickly so buy or bake it the day of the meal. Warm it up and you have the perfect side for making sure you get every bit of the au jus or creamed peas. 
  1. Baked Potatoes – While many of us make mashed potatoes with our prime rib, baked potatoes are great, too. If you make a twice baked potato, you can do much of it ahead of time. Bake the potatoes, scoop them out, and make whatever filling you like. Fillings are easy, just use the scooped-out part and add some taste. Try cream cheese, chives, and parmesan or maybe some sour cream and parmesan. Once you find a filling you like, you simply fill the skins before the meal and put them in the oven to bake a second time. They will be a hit alongside your prime rib. 
  1. Mashed Potatoes – While we have all had mashed potatoes, you can dress them up to go with your nice cut of beef. Most of the time, people add butter and a little bit of milk to their potatoes but you can also use some parmesan, chives, and sour cream or even onions and mushrooms. Add a little salt and pepper for more flavor. Be mindful of how much you add to the potatoes as they can get runny with too much extra milk or sour cream. Adding to your mashed potatoes gives them lots of flavor that not only goes with the au jus but also offers a little extra style to your meal. 
  1. Squash – Squash is an easy-to-make side dish with lots of taste and adds color to the plate as well. You can cook squash ahead of time and reheat when ready. It can be warmed in the microwave or is even nicer baked in the oven but either way works depending on your oven space and timing. After you cook your squash and scoop it out, put it in a bowl and add some butter and brown sugar for flavor. You can also leave the squash in bigger pieces, glaze it with maple syrup and butter, and bake it. There are lots of ways to have this easy-to-make a dish without taking away from the flavor of your prime rib. 
  1. Scalloped Potatoes – This recipe is often cooked together with ham but works well with beef, too. These are thin-sliced potatoes with a white sauce, onions, and cheese baked in the oven until tender and bubbly. They can be prepared ahead of time and simply put in the oven to bake when your mealtime is approaching. There are many variations of this recipe when it comes to the sauce but they all end up giving you a flavorful way to do your potatoes when you have prime rib. It is a way to do something a little different while offering a nice side to the meat. 
  1. Green Beans – Some lightly cooked, crunchy green beans are a great side with prime rib. Once you have cooked them, add different toppings like toasted almonds or maybe some fried mushrooms and onions or sesame seeds. You can also add additional flavor with butter or teriyaki and garlic. If you want more color, combine them with some yellow beans. Roasted Potatoes
  1. Roasted Potatoes – This is an easy side dish that can be made on its own or baked around the roast itself. You can use baby red and gold potatoes for color, too. Simply cut the potatoes, add some rosemary, garlic, and lots of olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste then bake. Once they are cooked, add some crispy fresh bacon bits as well. 
  1. Sweet Potatoes – This side dish can be done in many ways but the easiest is simply to cook, peel, and add some butter and brown sugar. Place them once more in the oven to bake and you are set to go. These can be mashed, sliced, or cubed. A great dish with your prime rib.

Final Thoughts

There are so many recipes in books and online that show you how to create these sides and variations of them. If you are cooking a meal at home or going out to somewhere like Ruby Tuesdays or Texas Roadhouse, having a good side with your prime rib makes an already good meal great. Whether you want a lighter taste, the old standards, or something a little different, there are lots of complimentary dishes that are perfect when looking to pair something with your prime rib meal.

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