Some Delicious Side Dishes to Feast On

Some Delicious Side Dishes to Feast On

If you’ve been going out to Ruby Tuesday or other diners you probably noticed that their sides are becoming more varied, and that’s because customers are looking for something different. Well, if your taste buds are longing for serious sides, here are some dishes you’ll want to try out.

The Big Three Side Dishes for Barbecue

side-dish-optionsThere are many kinds of side dishes, but for a barbecue, the big three are coleslaw, barbecue beans, and the potato salad. When it comes to Southern Barbecue themed restaurants, coleslaw is king, with its roots going back to the Dutch immigrants. Now for those times when you’re in a Texas-themed diner, remember that beans are served with smoked brisket, sweet or spicy but always with plenty of flavors. Finally, there is the good old potato salad, which has become a staple in American cooking, and what’s great about these is restaurants can serve them easily yet in so many different ways.  These three have proven so popular that they are now available in numerous variations, and some of the best sides are those listed below.

Lexington Coleslaw

cole-slaw-lexington-styleThere are different kinds of coleslaw, but for something traditional there’s only the Lexington coleslaw from North Carolina, which includes ketchup, cider vinegar, and cabbage among others, making it the perfect companion for your chicken or pork. If you want to try something different there’s the South Carolina coleslaw which is great for sandwiches because they are quite dry. A lot of diners also serve variations of this because it doesn’t overpower the meat or barbecue.


German Potato Salad

german-potato-saladTraditional German potato salads are laced with bacon and mayonnaise or vinegar and oil, but restaurants today serve them with various ingredients while still retaining the original flavor and taste. If you love potato salads but are tired of the usual stuff being served to you, then it’s time you looked into German potato salads and gave it a try.




Texas Cowboy Beans

texas-cowboy-beans-platterThere are many kinds of beans, but if you’re eating in a Texas-themed restaurant they can only be Pinto Beans. In restaurants, these are usually cooked and served with brisket ends burnt and with barbecue sauce on the side, making them the ideal companion for your barbecue.


Carolina Barbecue Beans

carolina-bbq-beansNow if you’re after some genuine Southern flavor there’s always Carolina Style Beans with ketchup and cider vinegar. Restaurants whip this up in different ways, but the traditional ones use pork and beans as the foundation with a few extras added in.



Creamy Dill Potato Salad

creamy-dill-potato-saladIf you’re among those that enjoy dill then creamy dill potato salad will be perfect, as it comes with a tangy taste that works well with creamy mayonnaise and pickle juice. Diners these days serve this with seafood although they also go great with steaks and burgers.

As this list shows, there’s more to side dishes than meets the eye, so the next time you are out dining at Texas Roadhouse, be sure to try these out as they will give your meals a different taste.

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