Best Steakhouses in Chicago

Best Steakhouses in Chicago

Besides being the birthplace of deep-dish pizza and ultimate hotdogs, Chicago has always been known for being a meat lover’s mecca. As of this year, there are now more than 730 steakhouses just by the River North area, making the Windy City a haven for steaks, meat and anything that can be grilled on open flame. While this can be noted as an understated good fortune for locals, tourists may feel overwhelmed as to where they should go.

Devouring meat is something that should be taken with vital preparation because it will not be a good impression to the city if the steakhouse hunt is thrown to chance. Thankfully, there are now several review sites on the Internet that locals and tourists can read through to help them decide. To make it easier for anyone, here is a list of the top ten Chicago steakhouses to visit for authentic and high-quality beef.

10) Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

Besides being located in a historic place called Esquire Theater, the atmosphere in this Del Frisco’s continues to manifest grandeur, sophistication and elegance. The menu pairs steak with the best wine and succulent seafoods with the freshest ingredients, delivering a truly magnificent and unforgettable dining experience. With chilled shrimp cocktail, a humongous seafood plateau, and the escargot, customers will fall in love with the starters alone, what more if they see the wagyu longbow to the filet mignon.

9) Benny’s Chop House

Boasting of serving only 100% USDA-approved beef, the Benny’s Way is simply the best steak any local or tourist in the Chicago area will taste. It is a shorthand code for ensuring that the steak is grilled to perfection, ensuring that the experience of consuming it will be out of this world. What more, due to the impeccable service, clients keep on returning for more.

8) Gibson’s Bar & Steakhouse

Having its own USDA Prime Certification can assure customers that what they are consuming is definitely high-quality and authentic. The Gibson Prime Angus beef,a specific breed of cattle that only eats corn for three months then aged for 40 days, is served in many ways like the WR Chicago cut, Bone-in Filet Mignon, Porterhouse, and the New York sirloin. Best of all, each lunch or dinner is not complete without the exquisite wine pairing selection, making it the perfect meal anyone has ever had.

7) David Burke’s Primehouse

This modern American steakhouse redefines the meaning of serving beef by pushing the limits of culinary innovation and creativity. Filled with whimsical and unique dishes, the restaurant’s menu creates a signature meals with eclectic styles and methods of preparation, cooking, and service. Besides the excellent, hand-chosen meat that make the dishes like Wagyu Beef Sashimi, the aging process is unique by itself as it uses salt from the Himalayan and processed in the premises for the achievement of perfect marbling of the beef.

6) Tango Sur

An Argentinean mecca of “asado” or grilled steaks in English, this fabulous blending of Mediterranean, Spanish and Italian exquisite traditions leads the diversity and food exploration in Chicago. The interior, ambiance, and portrayal of Old World beauty through the soft glow of candles on each table can make customers experience endless nostalgia, meat choices and impeccable service. Chef specials like the Mar Y Tierra, El Che and Pez can certainly make diners want for more, especially when paired with a crisp, red wine from a selection that is as great as the cuisines.

5) Unite Urban Grill

Owned by husband and wife Joe & Maegan Krouse, Unite Urban Grill is a mixture of carnivore and herbivore choices to create the perfect omnivore delight. Being the “grillmaster” in his house and the “ally of healthy grains and vegetables” in hers, their food choices invented an opportunity to unite the perfect meals under one dining table. From burgers to lobster mac & cheese, roasted veggie pave to baby back ribs, it’s no wonder why this restaurant was named as one of the top steakhouses in Yelp.

4) Mastro’s Steakhouse

Creating an unparalleled gastronomical experience, this steakhouse defines sophistication, class and comfort all at the same time. Besides the world-class service and the live entertainment, the menu is superb and diverse, offering an array of delicious meats from beef, lamb, seafoods and an excellent sushi selection   starting from the ahi tuna tostada to the jalapeño tuna sashimi. Mastro’s truly embodies the “grilled to perfection” mantra and their bone-in fillet, “Chef’s Cut” New York strip, and rack of lamb are meals too good to pass.

3) The Capital Grille

Stepping inside The Capital Grille is like being transported to a place where elegance and comfort meet. African wood panels with artistically decorated chandeliers will certainly provide an ambience of peace, comfort and relaxation while waiting to feast on a large chunk of dry-aged steaks, exquisite wines, and fresh seafoods. Through the help of the Master Sommelier, customers may step up the game from over 350 world-class bottles to choose from.

2) Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf

With an impressive looking menu starting from the Hors d’ Oeuvres of baked goat cheese to foie gras terrine to the Le Boeuf or a selection of USDA Prime beef like steak frites to bone in filet mignon, the classic ribeye and a delicious bone in dry aged ribeye, Bavette’s definitely knows how to make a classy entrance. Entrees are also a crowd’s favorite from the delicious short ribs stroganoff to the double bone Berkshire pork chop. With a beautiful interior and a to-die-for meals, customers will definitely take time to comeback and eat here.

1) Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab

Located at the E. Grand Avenue, Joe’s definitely amps up the game by providing several amazing menu with special options like gluten-free, vegetarian, a carryout, and even a Kid’s Club. Families will love dining here as the kids get to choose from classic comfort foods like mini cheeseburgers, baked chicken tenders, to the classic mac & cheese. As for the adults, they will fall in love with the stone crab, prime steaks like petite filet mignon and the double-cut Colorado lamb chops which can be perfectly paired with a glass of Lucien Albrecht cremate rose or a Louis Rogederer brut premier.

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