Understanding Restaurant Concepts

Understanding Restaurant Concepts

There are so many different kinds of restaurant concepts available now that deciding which one to go to can be a challenge. Some of the questions you need to ask are your price range, whether you’re formal or casual, and the kind of food you like and so on. So before you head out to California Pizza Kitchen, check out these restaurant concepts first.

Fast Casual Restaurants

Fast casual restaurants are among the trendiest, as they are somewhat more upscale than the typical casual food. Here you will find organic ingredients and gourmet breads,  perfect if you’re choosy about food. In addition, these places have open kitchens so you can see how your order is being prepared.


The buffet concept has been used since the medieval age and remains very popular to this day. Buffet simply means you get to serve yourself from a wide array of dishes that are set before you. This is also one of those restaurant concepts that use catering and self service, and it’s frequently used by new restaurants to promote their offerings.

Food Truck

This is another one of those food trends that’s gaining popularity in the US. This is basically a truck with food inside, and it’s become a hit with entrepreneurs because it’s cheaper to run than a regular restaurant, and it’s mobile too so they’re able to reach out to more customers.

Fast Food

In the United States and other countries, the fast food is the most patronized restaurant concept. Fast food restaurants became popular in the 1950s in the US, and since that time it has spread not just in the US but throughout the world. Whereas before the offerings were limited to cheeseburgers, fries and soft drinks, now you can order fried chicken, spaghetti, pizza, and more.

Fast food service is popular for many reasons, not the least being they’re affordable and also convenient. As the name implies, food is served quickly and you can take them out with you, plus there are many branches available.

Fine Dining

Fine dining refers to luxury and upscale restaurants and offers customers and patrons the finest food, drinks and first class service. Because of the atmosphere, patrons have to come in formal clothing. Fine dining restaurants are served by waiters in tuxedos, and as you might expect they’re more expensive than other restaurants. Also, fine dining restaurants have certain etiquettes patrons must follow.

Family Style Dining

Also known as casual dining in the US, these are restaurants that offer a variety of food items ranging from entrees to dips, sauces, classical menus, signature sauces and customized toppings. The prices are moderate and themes can vary from Mexican to casual American, barbecue or a mixture of other styles. Casual style restaurants use non-disposable dishes, table side service and have a low key setting. Plus, they’re quite inexpensive and expressly target families.

Finally, remember that this restaurant concept guide is just a guide, as places like T.G.I. Friday’s are always reinventing themselves, thus blurring the distinction even more.

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