Save Money While Dining in a Restaurant

Save Money While Dining in a Restaurant

The economy is improving compared to how it was a few years ago but it’s still a challenge for many. We’re all doing what we can to make ends meet and for the most part, restaurant dining is considered only for special occasions. The good news is, you don’t have to wait until your next birthday to be able to eat a good meal with your family and friends. You can actually afford to dine at a restaurant with these money-saving tips:

1. Your kids can share a meal.

A common mistake that we make is ordering a meal for each of our kids. Kiddie meals are big and they can cost around $10 each. You can easily cut down on this expense by ordering 1 meal for two kids to share. After all, kids (especially small ones) are likely not to eat a lot and they’ll only end up wasting their food.

2. Look for promotions.

Every once in a while, restaurants will hold promotions to attract new customers. You should take advantage of this. In some cases, a restaurant will have evenings when kids can eat for free as long as they come with their parent/s. In other instances, the ladies get a free drink. Be sure to look up on promotions and read the details.

3. Try their happy hour deals.

Many restaurants have happy hour deals and this is something you should take advantage of. Longhorn Steakhouse for example has ½ off draft bears and a dollar off on glasses of their house wine from 11am to 7pm Mondays to Saturdays. You could easily save a few dollars by taking advantage of this.

4. Skip desserts and drinks.

How much does a serving of dessert cost? How about a bottle of beer? Do you really need to order these things? Why not just order water and eat all the ice cream you want at home? By simply choosing to forego the desserts and drinks, you could shave off $5 per person.

5. Become a fan.

Simply “Like” the restaurant’s social media page so that you will be updated if in case they hold a promo. They also tend to give out discount coupons and freebies so becoming a fan certainly pays off. Without doubt, special offers will lower your dining bill and these things can be yours absolutely free.

6. Don’t arrive hungry.

Now this may not make sense initially. After all, you’re dining at the restaurant because you want to satisfy your cravings and treat yourself. But when you arrive at the place hungry, you’re likely to order a lot which will result in a large bill. It would be a good idea to munch on some snacks beforehand if you want to avoid overspending. Who says you can only dine at your favorite restaurant on special occasions? With these money saving tips, you don’t have to feel guilty about dining out anymore.

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