Top 8 Hottest Cocktail Trends You Have to Check Out

Top 8 Hottest Cocktail Trends You Have to Check Out

Ever tried a Sazerac cocktail? Supposedly, this drink is the world’s first cocktail which dates back to the 1800s and contains a healthy amount of French brandy.

If you’re instead looking for some cool new drinks to try, check out the hottest eight cocktail trends in this article. Let’s get started:

1. Get Fancy with Frozen Cocktails

If you love rose then you’ll definitely enjoy a Frose. Although this drink has now been around for some time, it’s inspired other frozen cocktails too.

Yojimbo is a frozen cocktail which incorporates gin and yuzu lemonade. Find this drink at Midnights in Brooklyn, New York.

For those looking to face the “hair of the dog” in a crazy way, try a frozen Bloody Mary. But, expect a headrush.

2. Keep it Classy with Vermouth Cocktails

Who isn’t a fan of the odd Martini (shaken not stirred, of course)? Or, a Manhattan if you happen to find yourself in the borough.

The latest cocktail trend takes the common ingredient in these two cocktails. We’re seeing vermouth mixed with club soda and citrus or the Absolut inspired SCOFFLAW cocktail.

3. Depending on Whether it’s Legal in Your State – Try a CBD Cocktail

Marijuana is slowly becoming more acceptable across the country. So, why shouldn’t it be used in cocktails? (That is, in states where it’s legal).

This new trend involves adding a little kick to your punch. The benefits of CBD oil? It’ll certainly help you chill out and enjoy your evening.

4. Drink Your Greens by Adding Veggies to Your Cocktails

It seems we’ve got fruit cocktails covered from the strawberry daiquiri to the Pina colada. It’s time for the vegetables to get their share of the limelight.

We’re talking celery margaritas. Not convinced? Maybe ask your bartender to hold the celery juice and just drink the tequila instead.

5. Pretend You’re in Italy with a Sgroppino

Can’t make it to Venice this year? Don’t worry, arguably the city’s most delicious drink can easily be made by a bartender near you.

The Sgroppino is made with prosecco, vodka and lemon sorbet. Sit back, close your eyes and pretend the Italian sun is on your face while waiting for some delicious food.

6. Gin’s Not Going Anywhere Yet

If you’re not totally sick of drinking gin in its many forms, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s still growing in popularity.

It looks like this drink which has been around since the 17th century is very much here to stay.

7. Ferment Your Food and Now Your Cocktails

If you’re a foodie, you’ll know all about kimchi – the popular Korean fermented vegetable side dish.

But, are you ready for fermented cocktails? Think fermented cows milk cocktails, called Kefir, and fermented tea cocktails, such as kombucha.

The resulting drinks are a little sour and a little tangy but certainly worth a taste.

8. Excuse Me, Is This Drink Sustainable?

Are you concerned about the state of our planet? If so, this is a question you should already be asking your bartender.

With the latest alarming climate change report, we should all be doing our bit. That means, among other things, making sure our cocktails are sustainable.

This means no plastic straws, ingredients which are locally sourced and eating side snacks which are vegan.

Cocktail Trends are Easy to Follow – Ask Your Bartender

With these cocktail trends under your belt, you’ll know what to ask for at the bar. Start by asking for a fermented vegetable vermouth twist with a dash of CBD oil and no straw. See what your bartender can do!

Want to know what to eat to line your stomach before a night of trying all of these cocktail trends? Check out these food trends taking over 2018.

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