How to Eat Lobster Like a Pro

How to Eat Lobster Like a Pro

If you’re reading this, it’s because you believe that lobster eating is nothing short of a chore. Quite frankly, you’re not wrong — that is, if you make it that way.

With a lack of experience, you’re sure to make yourself miserable for the rest of your lobster eating days. Luckily for you, we want to make sure you get the most out of your dish, so we’re serving you some much-needed advice on how to eat lobster.

How to Eat Lobster like a Pro

We’ll teach you exactly how to eat lobster and get the most out of your meal. Pretty soon, you’ll be nothing short of a lobster eating pro.

Go for the Claws

The claws may be the most challenging part to eat off of a lobster. They’re also the first part that you need to tackle.

The good news is that you can easily take them on thanks to the lobster cracker. If you don’t have one, make sure you let your server know or you’ll just be staring at your food all day long.

Using the cracker, separate the claw at the knuckle to break it open. You should be able to see some tasty meat inside. Use your lobster fork (yes, they should give you one of those, too) to reach all of the tasty bits.

Break the Tail

In order to get to the body of the body of the crab where most of the meat is, you first have to break through the tail. This is a lot easier to deal with than the claws, so you shouldn’t run into much trouble here.

To break the tail off, simply twist it up and away from the lobster’s body. You should see meat in both the main body and the tail of the lobster. Eat the meat from the tail first, as it’s bound to get cold faster than the body.

To do this, simply remove the flipper and push the meat out from the flipper side.

Eat the Body

Arguably the best part occurs when you eat the meat from the body.

After removing the claws and tail, it should be super easy to reach the meat here. Simply separate the back shell from the body and legs, and then peel the body in a vertical direction, running parallel to the legs.

After you finish eating the body, you can finish up your meal by eating the tasty bits of meat in the legs. Simply take a leg and suck through the open end like a straw, drawing the meat out. Yum!

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