Tips to Avoid Going to Restaurants with a Creep

Tips to Avoid Going to Restaurants with a Creep

All blind dates have one thing in common; uncertainty. As much as there is a possibility of meeting your Prince Charming, you’ll have equal chances of spending the evening with a creep.

If you do accept an invitation or a set-up for a blind date, better brace yourself for the following.

Tips to Avoid a Dinner Date with Mr. Wrong

No Show

There are dates who don’t show up. Men usually arrive earlier than the agreed time. If he’s not there at 7 PM, he’s not showing up. If you call him and hear the ringing somewhere close by then, that’s very insulting.

It means that he was there all along and upon seeing you, he just decided that you were not his type and not worth his time. Could it be that he just lost his sense of confidence upon seeing your beauty? Yeah right…


There are dates who don’t look anywhere near the way they described themselves on the phone. People lie about their age, their occupation, their likes, dislikes even their marital status just to make them appear as the perfect dating material.

This makes one wonder how these people plan to get away with it. Knowing that it’s a sure fail thing then, the game plan should have been to totally avoid the first date and keep it on a Facebook, phone or email level relationship.

Why would anybody bother to go on a blind date when all he’s got to show is a face of a liar?

Price Watcher

There are dates who offer to pay for the whole thing and tell you to order anything on the menu. But whenever you order for anything, he asks “Where’s that?” and turns the pages of the menu, almost crumpling it to find the entrée.

Obviously, he is checking the price. And when you’re done ordering, he stares at you with an empty look, computing for the value of what has been ordered before placing his own.


There are dates who say so little about themselves and lets you talk. He seems to be the perfect gentleman who asks open-ended questions to allow you to talk about yourself but, he is not really very attentive.

He says “aha” at the end of all your sentences with an accompanying nod of the head but his eyes are surveying the restaurant and following every woman who passes by in a short skirt. Try to ask him a question just to see if he is following your monologue.


On the other hand, there are dates who can’t stop talking about themselves. These are the guys who not only talk about their jobs but go to the extent of telling you how much they are earning.

They start off right away and go on and on to the point of missing the whole point of the date; interaction and ordering food. At that point, you can’t tell if you are on a dinner date or in a game show called “Who’s Better?”

Escape Artist

There are dates who will say that they have to be somewhere else at the onset or middle of the date. If they ask to be excused before ordering, it means that your looks don’t really appeal to them. If they ask to be excused in the middle of the date, it could have been something you said, your personality or, they just wanted a free meal.


Then, there is a Prince Charming. The real evening’s gentleman who practiced all the lines and moves in “Dating: 101” and treated you like a lady. The guy you can’t wait to call the following day only, you can’t seem to get through to him.

He changed his sim card. After a few weeks, you’ll see him on a weekend with his wife and kids. Don’t try to call his attention. He will ignore you. But see to it he sees you so he’ll be embarrassed.

Sometimes the best way to find a guy is to avoid that fresh hunt altogether. The friend of a friend matchmaking in group dating could sometimes be the safest way to find somebody. Sure, it won’t be as exciting as fishing in the open sea. But, a friend won’t let you end up with a creep.

Sometimes the character of a relationship depends upon where you chanced on each other. Did you meet in a sleazy bar where people are out for a one-nighter? Did you meet in a singles bar where people go to get a fast hook? Or, did you meet at a wholesome restaurant within a group of well-meaning friends?

T.G.I. Friday’s is a perfect place where friends and friends of friends can meet.

Being in a friendly dining place with friends, give you the opportunity to be yourself and be exposed to others who are also comfortable enough in being themselves. It is the best place and situation to get to know someone.

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