American Restaurants That Serve To-Die-For Steaks

American Restaurants That Serve To-Die-For Steaks

We live on eating steak.  It’s just not possible to go on without it.  For the American diet, it almost comes as a requirement and everybody must have a steak fix.  There’s nothing like the taste of juicy and tender beef with a nice side dish of crunchy salad, or light and creamy mashed potatoes or potato skins.

And steak takes on so many forms – ribeye, strips, wrapped in bacon, sirloin – the choices are limitless. There are just so many ways of enjoying a steak that it’s no surprise that everybody is on the lookout for the best steak joint, or a better steak restaurant, or just have a plain old grilled steak after a busy workday.  But what is most important is to know where the best steaks can be eaten, and here’s a list of a few restaurants with top-notch meat.

Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf

When you’re looking for upscale and uber-classy digs, try this place.  Specialty of the house is the filet mignon, most expensive but worth the cost, together with dishes like foie gras with blackberry-raspberry jam and short rib stroganoff with noodles and mushrooms. The ambiance of the place is cozy with booths made of leather seats.  All in all, the best steak must come with a price, and this resto speaks fluent with high price and high quality.

Red Prime Steak

The best-selling prime bone-in “cowboy” rib-eye, the 40-day-aged rib-eye, and bone-in strips are the stars of this steak house’s show.  But this restaurant knows how you would like your steak, and before the steak makes its entrance, dishes like RP’s tomatoes does the proper introduction.  RP’s tomatoes is a tower of fried green and hothouse tomatoes with mozzarella, or the beef tenderloin tamales topped with roasted poblano chimichurri and sun-dried tomato cream. Top the evening with Ian’s Brandy Ice, something light and helps you take the boldness in.

Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse

This resto is called the French quarter infusion because the Louisiana gumbo is just so perfect with all their delicious steaks.  The best-selling eight ounce filet is sought after, if not, the huge porterhouse steak.  Prime charbroiled steak is in everybody’s mind when eating here.  Steak siders like Pontalba potatoes, roasted and sautéed with garlic, tasso ham, mushrooms and onions all harmonize the flavorful steaks.

And it’s not just about plonking on a chair and munching all the meat in.  This steakhouse boasts of coolness and ambiance – a nice touch of chicness to complement their art of cuisine.

Nick and Sam’s

Oftentimes, eating steak is taken for granted.  It’s more customary for people to just dig in the meat like a bunch of carnivores that they are.  However, at Nick and Sam’s, it’s all about theatrics.  Steak dinners are not complete without a live piano playing, just to give boost to the exhibition kitchen.

The presentation is not a camouflage to make up for the lost flavor of the food.  Quite contrary, in fact, as the best-selling cowboy steak is what drives the people in.  Other frequent orders would be 22-ounce bone-in Prime aged sirloin, the Colorado lamb chops and the colossal potato.

House of Prime Rib

When in San Francisco, the steak authority is the House of Prime Rib.  They are simple and straight to the point with their steaks, and they serve the house specials with a salad and house dressing at the table, mashed potatoes with brown gravy or a baked potato with butter, sour cream and chives, Yorkshire pudding, creamed spinach, or a cream of horseradish sauce.  Prime rib is served to the table from carts and carved to your preference.  To end the meal, traditional apple crisp with walnuts and ice cream or  crème Brule are the usual choices.

Bern’s Steak House

There is that type of steak house that rolls out the red carpet every night.  This is Bern’s.  Steak on the menu comes with such precision that you are given a ruler to measure the proper thickness of the meat, with a sidings list that is a page and a half long and is lined up by caviars, fois gras, a table-side served Caesar salad and a variety of 27 vegetables.   They have the biggest wine cellar in the world, boasting of 500,000 bottles of 7,000 brands of wine.

The space of the restaurant itself is royalty as this restaurant can seat 740 guests and even has its own dessert room.  Ultra VIP rooms have their own back entrances.

Eating steak has definitely taken an entirely new universe of preferences and forms.  For those who just want to keep it simple, however, Houlihan’s Restaurant and the Hudson Grille suits them just as well.  These places might not boast of fancy presentation, but is big at making steak dinners more affordable, less glitzy and definitely heartwarming.

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