The Most Popular Donut Flavors of All Time

The Most Popular Donut Flavors of All Time

Everyone loves a good donut; after all, what’s not to love?

Fried dough covered in frosting and sugar and sometimes stuffed with delicious fillings? They’re the perfect indulgent treat, and you’re lying if you say you don’t make a beeline for the donut box when it shows up in the break room at work.

Over the years, bakeries have gotten creative with their donut flavors. From Oreo cookies and cream to New York cheesecake to dulce de leche, almost every sweet treat you love has been stuffed into a donut.

With so many options out there, what have been the most popular donut flavors over the years?


It’s hard to beat a classic, and it doesn’t come more classic than a good ol’ glazed donut. These donuts have topped the charts since they first appeared in bakeries in the mid-1800s. They come in all sorts of delicious shapes, but our favorite is still the traditional “o”.

Boston Cream

Donuts are amazing, custard is amazing, and the person who had the idea to combine the two deserves some sort of medal. There are few things better than biting into a sweet, pillowy donut and having sweet yellow custard hit your tongue.

No matter how strong your sweet tooth is, these awesome donuts will hit the spot.

Apple Cinnamon

Fall is the best time to have apple cinnamon-flavored everything, and donuts are no exception. Biting into an apple cinnamon filled donut is a little like eating an apple pie, but even better.

The jellied filling is the perfect complement to the cinnamon-sugar-dusted donut.

Double Chocolate

There are few people who, when offered chocolate, would turn it down. Chocolate is delicious, and the more of it we can pile onto a dessert, the better. This is especially true with donuts, where a chocolate donut topped by chocolate frosting is a hugely popular choice.


If you don’t like the sweet apple jelly that comes in apple cinnamon donuts, you may still like the gritty warmth of cinnamon. Cinnamon sugar-covered donuts have always been a popular choice with the donut-loving population.

They seem to remind us of making donuts in our grandmother’s kitchen when we were little.

Chocolate Frosted with Sprinkles

Of course, the chocolate frosted donut topped with sprinkles is a fantastic classic. It takes us back to our childhoods, and the brightly-colored sprinkles are so festive!

Aside from the glazed donut, this donut may be the most popular.

What Do You Think the Most Popular Donut Is?

By now, you’re probably craving your most popular donut. Just think about it… warm dough and sweet frosting and filling, maybe a smattering of sprinkles. You’d better go get one now; we know we are.

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