The 3 Most Famous Bakeries in America

The 3 Most Famous Bakeries in America

These days, the fine art of baking is very popular, it’s no wonder. The craft has existed for thousands of years, and each culture has brought its own style to it.

From cakes to eclairs, virtually every dessert in the world comes out of the ovens of a bakery. Dessert is only the beginning, though, because so many other things can be made with bread.

In response to the craze, bakeries have been popping up everywhere, and there’s even been a brand new type of bakery that has made a name for itself–the cupcake bakery. As the name implies, this type of bakery devotes itself to making specialized versions of the beloved handheld treats.

With all the bakeries in the world, it’s only natural that a few stand out for their sheer excellence. What are the best famous bakeries in the USA? Read on to find out.

Ch Patisserie, Sioux Falls, SD

Founded by Top Chef winner, Chris Hanmer, Ch Patisserie is a small bakery located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. After finding success on TV, Hanmer took his business there to avoid competing with the famous bakeries in the larger cities.

Like many bakeries, this store specializes in desserts. One of their most popular dishes is petit gateau carrot cake.

Tartine Bakery, San Francisco, CA

If you want quality baked goods, one of the best places to go is California. There isn’t one particular city to visit in California since most of the major cities seem to have their own well-regarded bakeries.

Even so, one bakery ranks above them all–Tartine Bakery in San Francisco. Taking its name from a French word for “buttered bread,” two award-winning chefs founded this bakery in the early 2000’s.

Tartine doesn’t specialize but instead makes dessert and non-dessert dishes with equal skill.

Standard Baking Company, Portland, ME

Unlike the other bakeries on this list, Standard Baking Company, run by Alison Pray, focuses on non-dessert bread. Even so, don’t sell the company short because they are also known for their cookies, which they bake fresh every afternoon.

The standard Baking company is also noteworthy because it uses only local ingredients in its bread. So, if you’re looking for a great place that produces mouthwatering bread from genuine American ingredients, look no further than The Standard Baking Company.

Cake and Bake With Famous Bakeries

There are countless famous bakeries in the US, so it almost seems like a crime to only talk about three. The good news is that your food experience doesn’t have to end here, since we have plenty of great articles on our website, and they’re all related to food.

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