Sexy Restaurants: A List of More Hooter Like Restaurants

Sexy Restaurants: A List of More Hooter Like Restaurants

We’ve already had a report that explains the popularity of Hooters, and we’ve also cited new restaurants that have followed the “breastaurant” trend. Then we detailed 5 more restaurants following this popular restaurant template.

But a closer inspection of the topic revealed that these 5 new restaurants are but the tip of the iceberg. Here are some other restaurant chains that offer what has proven to be a hot combination—hot women, hot food, and sometimes hot coffee.

  1. The Hot Spot Coffee Company. This coffeehouse chain has 3 locations in Michigan. Their waitresses are dressed in just lingerie, but that’s not the only reason why this place is so popular. According to some coffee enthusiasts (including women and gay men), the coffee here is really superb. Add the shorter lines and the more reasonable prices, and Starbucks may have some trouble down the line.
  2. Ker’s Winghouse. You’re lucky if you’re in Florida, as you may just be near enough to any of the 20 Ker’s locations in the state. They offer familiar sports bar fare, while they also show great sports events like March Madness and Pacquiao fights live. And their pretty food servers wear skimpy shorts and tight cleavage-y shirts.
  3. Bombshells. The chain has 5 locations in Texas, and their waitresses wear the tiny tops and short skirts fashioned as truly sexy military outfits. They also offer live music along with lunch and dinner fare.
  4. Fricker’s. Waitresses wear small tops and tiny shorts which you’ll find in any of the 20 locations in Ohio and some parts of the Midwest. Their wings are fantastic, there’s regulated gaming, and kids under 10 years of age eat free every day. See, it’s actually a fun place for families!
  5. The Man Cave. This is a sports bar & lounge in Norman, Ohio. It has been termed as the place to go to watch sports live, and it’s been a fave hangout of celebrities. It’s so large that it has 40 huge TV screens, while the sexy waitresses deliver great food in a jiffy. They show all the major sports games, and every week they also screen Empire starring Terrence Howard.
  6. Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke. This chain quickly grew to 7 locations in Texas, and it’s likely to grow in the future. Their menu obviously highlights BBQ, but each location has specialties available. The outfits of their servers are relatively demure in comparison to others, but then again they’re so pretty you won’t mind. That’s especially true when you get a taste of the food.
  7. Mugs and Jugs. Despite the name, there’s more to the place than well-endowed beauties and beer. They feature lots of TVs with various games shown live, appetizers to tickle your fancy, and there’s even an area for smokers. And despite the rather tacky name, the place is actually very clean with a friendly ambience.
  8. Show-Me’s. They have 11 locations in 5 different states, which just goes to show that the appreciation for drinks, good food, large TV screens with live sports, and great-looking women is virtually universal. The place is all about fun, and the cheerful women here can certainly help cheer you up!
  9. Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill. Don’t you just love it when the name perfectly describes a place? Even its website refers to its restaurant as a breastaurant, but unlike Hooters it adds the sports bar idea to the mix. It’s so easy to cheer for your favorite teams battling it out on screen when you have femme fatales bringing great food to your table.
  10. Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery. How much did you love Braveheart? If you’re feeling like a Hihglander, you can just visit the Celtic-themed Tilted Kit, where the women sport mini-kilts with their pushup bras. The chain has about 65 locations spread all over the country—so it shouldn’t be hard to find. And practice your William Wallace speech: They may take our lives, but they’ll never take—our freedom!
  11. Ojos Locos Sports Cantina. Latin delicacies with Latinas (and other types of women) in sexy attire, plus sports on TV. And they have lingerie week! ¡Qué vida esta!

Some people love the concept, while others are offended by the idea that women can be objectified this way. Many are not exactly enamored of the concept, but they do admit that just because they don’t like it doesn’t mean that others who do should be prevented from going in. In other words, they don’t like it so they don’t go there. But those who like the idea should be able to exercise their rights to enjoy these establishments.

What are your personal views on the matter?

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