Restaurants People Go to Not for the Food But for the Hottest Waitresses

Restaurants People Go to Not for the Food But for the Hottest Waitresses

Eating out nowadays is not just about the menu or the ambiance. Believe it or not, most customers, especially men, put into consideration the waitresses and female staff that will be serving them their food.

For the past decades, several restaurants are now investing on their best assets, both literally and subjectively. “Brestaurants” and other insane trends have started popping up just to gain loyal customers. Of course, mixing good food, alcohol beverages, and pleasure bordering strip club supremacy can rake in not only patrons but multitudes of cash and sales.

Hooters: The Restaurant that Started It All

Most experts believe that these “public caveman” types of restaurants began when Hooters started in 1983. The brainchild of six testosterone-filled males – Dennis Johnson, Billy Ranieri, Ed Droste, Ken Wimmer, Gil DiGiannantonio, and Lynn D. Stewart – also known as the Original Six, this extraordinary restaurant became popular for it’s unique bar-like concept.

With features such as sports being shown on large flat screen TVs; menu that highlights chicken wings, sandwiches, and burgers; and the beach-themed, friendly waitresses, Hooters was a success waiting to happen. What more, the addition of the “Hooters Girls” became a worldwide phenomenon that made many customers curious and interested to find what the buzz is all about.

Of course, it also helped that the extensive menu offers savory, delectable and comfort food. Starting off with the selection of fresh salads, soups, different appetizers like chicken breast strips, sliders, quesadillas, and Lots-A-Tots, world famous wings, seafood, sandwiches, and burgers, Hooters has got it all covered. Finish it with a glass of iced cold beer, an intense basketball game, and a rowdy crowd, men even women will feel at home at this restaurant.

A Growing Trend

With the success of Hooters, several other establishments have followed suit. Twin Peaks, a sports bar that is slowly covering the United States with over 50 locations, and Tilted Kilt, showing a mean competition with over 90 locations all over the county, have joined the bandwagon to create a different breed of “brestaurants”.

Other than these Hooters look-alike, restaurants like the Heart Attack Grill, which features waitresses in skimpy hot nurse outfits, and The Hot Spot Coffee Company, which made famous such themes as “Topless Tuesdays” or “Bikini Thursdays”, are taking it a step further with their female servers.

Top 5 Restaurants Well-Known for Their Hot Girls

Besides the restaurants mentioned above, here is a list of the top ten restaurants that have great food, rowdy crowd, and an extremely sexy collection of waitresses.

#5 Hot Chicks Wing House

Located only in El Paso, Texas, this sports and chicken wings place is known to serve the best hot wings, tacos, burgers, and breaded shrimp at affordable prices. It doesn’t hurt to see that female servers wear black skimpy shorts and tank tops when bringing food to the table.

#4 CANZaciti Roadhouse

More like the “Coyote Ugly” movie, the waitresses here are good-looking, busty, and extremely knowledgeable about what’s good to pair with this type of side dish. Known to have four New York locations, the menu offers burgers, steak, and a wide array of cocktails or imported beer that every man will like.

#3 Redneck Heaven

With only three locations in Texas, this gold mine of girls, booze, and meat is also known for servers wearing nothing but their pool wear. While their uniforms are pushing the boundaries of business ethics, their wraps, barbecued meats, USDA steaks, and a variety of beers or liquors will make customers keep coming back for more.

#2 Brick House Tavern

With over 21 locations all over the country, this restaurant boasts of attractive waitresses in denim shorts and sexy black crop tops, bar options, and great food. Their Happiness Hour is also well-known for $7 specialty pizzas, $3 craft draft beers, and $6 seasonal cocktails or house wine.

#1 Cowgirls Espresso

With 15 locations in the state of Washington, this one-of-a-kind coffee shop is known to serve artisan coffee, freshly baked pastries, and smiling waitresses in the sexiest outfit anyone can imagine. Everyday is theme day, starting off with Military Monday to the inevitable Fantasy Friday.

Why It Works in Racking Up Sales

Experts believe that these “brestaurants” work because they offer something that will feed the ego and the stomach. The younger crowds are also dominating the customers because these are the type of people who love to go out to eat with friends. Furthermore, whether people will believe it or not, most of the food items offered in these sports bars are incredibly good.

Hooter’s famous hot wings, Tilted Kilt’s delectable shepherd’s pie, and Twin Peak’s green chili meatloaf are just a few of the food items customers love. At the end of the day, “brestaurants” or not, it is always about the food that will make customers to come back.

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