High Ranking Burgers in the US Revealed

High Ranking Burgers in the US Revealed

Hamburgers, over time, has evolved to so many variations and recipes. The hamburger is the most famous fast food item in the US and there are over a thousand burger recipes in burger joints that are growing even more in number.

But what makes a burger top the charts? The most crucial element in making a burger high ranking is not just a matter of stacking ingredients on top of the other. It’s a matter of balancing the flavors in one bite, meaning no ingredient should overpower the others. According to critics, the best burger is the burger with the most taste from the best combinations.

The following burgers got the highest marks from food reviewers and restaurant critics across America.

Thurman Burger

This is a burger that was born in Columbus, Ohio. Critics love this burger because it has a balance of sourness from mayonnaise and pickles, spiciness from a generous portion of jalapeno, and protein-packed from prosciutto and a three-quarter pound patty.

This burger has a combination of melted mozzarella and American cheeses with the usual lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.

Le Pigeon Burger

It’s a much more delightful take on burgers and slaw in between two buns. This burger has a thick square patty of beef that is merely spiced with salt and pepper and grilled not fried. This burger has sharp white Cheddar, coleslaw, mayonnaise and mustard, ketchup and a ciabatta bun.

This burger is a creation from Portland, Oregon.

Local Grass-fed Burger

This is an eight-ounce burger that is organic all the way and the organic beef makes it more scrumptious. Garnished with lettuce and tomato dipped in vinaigrette, organic cheese, lettuce, tomato and the house specialty ketchup.

The grass-fed burger is large and sweaty with flavor and succulence. There are only 18 of these that are made per night.

Lexington Butter Burger

This is an old-fashioned burger that comes from a diner that still serves Coke with syrup and seltzer spritz. The bun is fried with a crispy outside crust and served to you open-faced with a big scoop of butter melting on top.

Exceptionally delicious and salty, with the butter melting before your eyes, this burger is served with one big pickle. No need for anything else.

Steak House Burger

The Steak House burger from New York is perfect as it is because it is dry-aged rib-eye patty and the tender juices that ooze out of this burger are just enough for the party to stand alone in between two bun slices. You can order the Steak House Burger with your choice of cheese, but this is a dish that you can just have simply as is.

The caramelized onions that come with it are the only garnishing you will need.

Hell’s Fury Burger

The makers of this burger take the word “fury” very seriously. It’s a half pound patty of sirloin with pepper jack cheese, a sauce called “Atomic Death” and a roasted jalapeno. The burger is really spicy and tender at the same time. The generous serving of sweet potato tots is perfect with the flavorful explosion of spice in your mouth.

This is a burger that is made in Atlanta and is loved by the adventurous and the brave.

The Office Burger

The Office Burger is from a joint in LA called Father’s Office, which is consistently in the best restaurants list. Many patrons say that this is the best burger in the city. It’s a basic burger with the juicy beef bun, lettuce, tomatoes, caramelized onions, arugula, and bacon.

So many people clamor for this burger because there is just enough balance of greens and meat. It’s straight to the point and gets the diner down to business.


This is what it is – a hamburger. But because it’s made in Texas, this is a burger that screams out from the 22-ounce cowboy rib steak, caramelized onions, chilies, mushrooms, Cheddar or Provolone cheese.

What makes this burger famous is the farm that provides the beef for this burger. It’s from the Perini Ranch, the owner’s ranch, and is popular for its good old style Texas slabs of steak.

Jucy Lucy

From a restaurant in Minneapolis that was founded in 1954 comes this burger, which comes in two patties in between a slice of cheese. Nothing great about what you think? But one bite of this burger and you will let out a flood of cheese and juices.

This is why it’s called a Jucy Lucy. The maker of this burger isn’t just content with a juicy beef patty. The juiciness translates into cheese that will flow out of the burger and flood your mouth literally.

Top notch burgers are also found in Folks Kitchen and 54th Street and are equally fantastic and famous all over the country.

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