Looking at the Chuck E. Cheese Spring-tastic Celebration

Looking at the Chuck E. Cheese Spring-tastic Celebration

Are you looking for something fun to do with the family this weekend? Why not check out the Chuck E. Cheese Spring-tastic Celebration! This event is sure to please kids of all ages, with games, prizes, and lots of delicious food. So, come on down and have some fun!

From now through April 24, 2022, Chuck E. Cheese restaurants in the United States embrace the motto “Where a kid can be a kid,” with more gameplay opportunities and special discounts on meals and games available.

Chuck E. Cheese Spring-tastic Celebration Special Offers

Guests at participating restaurants can take advantage of special weekday offers, including:

  1. With the purchase of 60 minutes or more, you’ll get 30 minutes of free gameplay. This offer is available each week, including during spring break.
  2. Take advantage of a Spring Break Fun Pack with any delivery or carryout order. The package includes two large, one-topping pizzas; one Unicorn Cotton Candy; a gift bag; a spring activity sheet; and a 250 E-Ticket voucher. The Spring Break Activity Pack costs $34.99 and varies by location.

Spring-tastic Desserts

You may choose from four delectable desserts, including:

The Unicorn Cupcake – For $5.49, the jumbo-sized vanilla cupcake is topped with rainbow sprinkles and an edible unicorn horn and ears (at select locations throughout the country).

Unicorn Churros – Relax with three colorful baked churros inspired by the cafe’s namesake, Ronaldo Sagittarian, better known as “Ronnie the Unicorn.” Cherry sugar is sprinkled on each one. For $4.99, you get four-piece cups.

Unicorn Cotton Candy – Several-colored jumbo cotton candy ($6) is big enough for the whole family.

Rainbow Ice Dippin’ Dots – Choose five different fruit flavors in regular or large sizes ($5, $6).

Chuck E. Cheese Spring Break Entertainment

Watch for:

  1. Skaters will be able to unlock a new skateboard featuring Ronnie the Unicorn in Chuck E. Cheese Skate Universe on the mobile app (iOS and Android), which can be accomplished when gamers reach 50 meters in Sweet Scape Park.
  2. “Music, Friends, and Fun for All” is a tribute to the spring anthem “Spring Break Break Dance.”
  3. On YouTube and YouTube Kids, “Bella’s Garden Party & the Case of the Missing Vegetables” features Bella, Helen, Chuck E., and Ronnie the Unicorn. They enjoy springtime while solving a mystery. It will premiere on March 15, 2022, at 3 p.m. central time on Cartoon Network.

“We are eager to say goodbye to winter and welcome the season with our latest Season of Fun, our Spring-tastic Celebration,” said Sherri Landry, CMO of CED Entertainment LLC. “Guests will be transported to an immersive spring fantasyland filled with brilliant colors, festive décor, the Chuck E. Cheese ‘Spring Break Break Dance’ music from the current spring album, and our favorite sweets for the season.”

In addition to extending Sensory Sensitive Sundays, scheduled through the end of April, Google will highlight Autism Awareness Month in conjunction with Autism Speaks by displaying a unique animation on the homepage when you search for “chuck e. cheese.”

Guests may round up their purchases or donate $1, $3, or $5 at checkout to support Autism Speaks by participating in a particular Round-Up campaign weekly.

Want to see what else they have to offer? Check out the Chuck E. Cheese menu on Restaurant Meal Prices here.

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