5 Best Homestyle Restaurants in Florida

5 Best Homestyle Restaurants in Florida

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful experience to dine at a restaurant of your choice, enjoy homestyle cooking, pay a reasonable amount of money and not worry about having to clean and wash all the dishes afterwards?

If you are fond of eating dishes that are cooked as if they were made right in your home, then you should know which restaurants are dubbed the best in homestyle cooking in Florida. These options guarantee a comfortable dining experience for guests by bringing them the taste of food as if they were prepared straight from home.

Restaurants that Bring People Closer to Home

Melissa’s Chicken & Waffles is the place to be for guests who want to enjoy casual dining at an affordable price. This restaurant offers a taste of home by serving breakfast meals with a twist. However, don’t be mistaken that Melissa’s Chicken & Waffles only serves breakfast meals because they are also a favorite among guests who want to dine during lunch or dinnertime.

Shantell’s Café is another popular choice among diners who are traveling or living in Florida. This café-cum-restaurant serves chicken, steaks, macaroni and cheese and a whole lot more. Other than their wide range of menu choices, Shantell’s Café is also popular among those who want to dine straight out of a food truck or the restaurant place itself.

Unique Restaurant Finds in Florida

Hash House A Go Go is another Florida favorite. The restaurant lives by the idea that everyone should be served food as though he is a King. This means that the food variants at Hash House A Go Go boast of really large servings.

Some of the menu items include tenderloin pork, crispy fried chicken, waffles, chicken pot rice and a whole lot more.

From Small to Big Restaurant Ventures

Also included in our list of the best homestyle restaurants in Florida is the Piccadilly Cafeteria.

This restaurant may seem like a small venue for guests who want to dine out because it is called a cafeteria, but the fact is, this restaurant proves that only the size of the food and not the place matters among guest.

At truly affordable prices, Piccadilly Cafeteria offers an eat-all-you-can breakfast menu that is available from 7:30 to 11:00 in the morning. For those who don’t want to eat too much, ala carte orders are also available at the restaurant.

In fact, the menu options at this restaurant in Florida is equally impressive because not only do they serve chicken, beef, pork and seafood, Piccadilly Cafeteria also offers salads, soups, breads, sides, desserts, drinks and party tray variants.

Lastly, the Crooked Spoon should also be visited by anyone who wishes to dine in Florida. This restaurant started as a food truck and eventually evolved in to a full-pledged restaurant that sits big and small groups of people.

Crooked Spoon is best known for their Angus meatloaf that is served with herbed rice and double-cut pork chops. Other than this, the restaurant serves sausages and other types of meats.

If you are the type of person who enjoys trying out all types of cuisines when traveling to a new destination, checking out this list and remembering the restaurant options you can find here could truly help you decide where you can dine next.

Although we only listed 5 of the best homestyle restaurants here remember that there are actually more options available out there for you.

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