10 Worst Dates

10 Worst Dates

Dating can be a dream but it could also be a nightmare. Some of the finest gentlemen and the most despicable characters are in the dating scene. In case you have a blind date, be safe and schedule the occasion in a well-lighted public dining place for you may encounter any of the following creeps.

1. The Looker

It is always a compliment when someone stares at your legs especially when you are in your minis. But, it becomes uncomfortable when your date does this all night long.

He keeps his eyes glued to yours as you converse but not with the intention of being attentive but to wait for the perfect opportunity to have another look at what’s wrapped in those minis.

When your eyes move away, he sneaks a peek from under the table.

If it is all possible, he might as well take a picture of your legs with his cellphone so you can continue on with the date. He can stare at the photo of your legs when he gets home.

2. The Scouter

While the looker is all focused on you, the scouter is one who says “a-huh” to every word you say but never establishes eye contact because his eyes are always somewhere else, wondering, checking out all the women that pass by.

If the looker is irritating, the scouter is insulting. He may have taken a glanced and fantasized about you for the first few minutes of your date but just decided he had enough of you and he wants to check others out.

The best thing to do really is to excuse yourself and leave him to his girl watching and ogling.

3. The Free Loader

Nowadays, dates are usually paid in two separate bills. In a way, it makes the date non-committal and casual. But, there are those dates who misplace their wallets, pull out expired credit cards or create any other excuse to have a free meal.

If a guy is truly embarrassed about not having any cash to pay for his share of the bill, he would rush to the nearest ATM and try to remedy the situation.

When a guy is all too comfortable without the slightest indication of guilt or embarrassment then, he is as professional who is only out for free meals.

4. The Salesman

There are dates who seem to be the perfect gentleman. They ask the right questions that will make you talk about yourself. Then, you begin to realize that all the lines are familiar. So, you begin to wonder where it will lead to.

He pulls out several flyers and talks to you about the perfect condo investment on that side of the metro. By this time everything shifts from “all about you” to “everything about the condo”.

It was not a date after all, just a simple client call.

5. The Center of the World

There are dates that don’t let you speak. Perhaps you are too polite as to let him control the conversation. But then, it’s already a monopoly of the entire date, a monologue about himself.

If you want to continue with the date, watch out for that moment when he has to pause to inhale, then start talking.

If you decide that the date is not worth saving, just enjoy your food and excuse yourself. He’ll get the picture.

6. The Complainer

There are dates that are obsessed in creating the prefect evening, one who is overly scrutinizing every detail of the date to the point of blaring out at the first sign of imperfection.

He reprimands the waiter for the slightest mistake, making a scene that does not only embarrass him but you as well.

Save yourself. Run to the nearest exit!

7. The Time Keeper

You might end up with a date that keeps on looking at his watch. Obviously, he is not having a good time and is just anxiously waiting for the date to end.

Dates are not like basketball games that have set rules on when it starts and when it has to end. If you think your date wants to go home then end that date right then and there.

8. The Phone Addict

There are dates who are very intimate with their cell phone. It makes you wonder whether he is dating you or his mobile phone.

He keeps on tinkering with it as you talk. It rings almost every five minutes and he won’t simply keep it in silent mode. Apparently, he wants to keep track of everything that’s happening in the world as he spends the evening with you.

It would be impossible to have any sort of conversation with this guy.

9. The Competitor

There are guys who lets you speak but will always try to out stage whatever you have to say. If you a good time, he’d say he had a better time. If you say you had a bad experience, he’ll say he had it worse.

If there was a trophy anywhere in the restaurant it would be good to instruct the waiter to award it to him.

10. The Escape Artist

It’s a hard fact to accept but there are dates who are simply out for the hunt and when they think they can’t get very far with you or they are not interested in you, they’ll try everything to end the date as soon as possible. It might be an emergency call that will require him to leave immediately or, he’ll just excuse himself for a minute and never come back.

Blind dates have a very small chance for success because there are too many creeps around. So, if you don’t want the evening to be a total waste of time, set your date in a great restaurant like The Keg or Rock Bottom so that if you can’t enjoy your date at least you get to enjoy your food.

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