Best Restaurants in NYC That Will Satisfy Your Hunger

Best Restaurants in NYC That Will Satisfy Your Hunger

We need variety especially when it comes to food. If you are just like other people, you won’t be satisfied by being served with just one kind of meal every day. In fact, you might lose your mind if you are subjected to that kind of torture.

Restaurateurs know this human proclivity that is why they established all kinds of restaurants to cater to people’s different kinds of tastes. For sure, you would love to know the best restaurants in New York where you can savor different kinds of dishes.

Here are some of the New York City restaurants that you may want to try. They are specifically categorized so that you won’t have any difficulty in finding the right restaurant that will fit whatever eating mood you have right now.

A) Chinese Restaurants – whenever your palate is hungering for Chinese food, these are the restaurants that you need to visit:

  • Lotus Blue

You might think that this restaurant is just a cocktail lounge but if you will look closer, you will find that it serves the best Yunnan menu in the city. This special Chinese dish has lots of mushrooms and is cooked in many styles ranging from Sichuan to Thai. You can find this restaurant at 110 Reade Street.

  • Spicy Village

This restaurant offers dishes of the Henan provinces located in the northwest of Shanghai. It started Manhattan’s He Nan Flavor trend a few years back. You can also savor some pleasing Cantonese dishes in this place. Their ‘big tray chicken’ and brisked hui mei are some of its specialties. They are located at 68 Forsyth Street.

  • Royal Seafood

This is one of the best dim sum spots in the city. It is a restaurant that offers extensive Cantonese dishes. You’ll love their seafood because it is regarded as one of the best in town. If you want the freshest Chinese meals, you need to get there before noon. You can find them at 103 Mott Street.

B) Italian Restaurants – at times when your palate craves for Italian foods, you need to visit the following restaurants to satisfy your appetite.

  • Osteria Morini

The chef of this restaurant, Michael White, is a well-known and prolific Italian-American chef in New York. If you want to savor hand-made pasta, fat tortellini bundles oozing with a rich mix of braised meats and frail ricotta gnocchi with light tomato cream, this is the perfect Italian restaurant you need to visit. It is located at 218 Lafayette Street, between Broome and Spring streets.

  • Il Buco

If you love old world ambiance, Il Buco fits your bill. Its tables are well-worn, there are flickering lamps that light up the place, and several dangling copper cookware in the kitchen. This 14-year old restaurant still serves exquisite Italian cuisine with perfectly matching wines to boot. Their Italian menu list is one of the best in the city. You can find this restaurant at 47 Bond Street, between Bowery and Lafayette streets.

  • Del Posto

If you are looking for class and style, Del Posto is right for you. It boasts of a four-star ambiance. This is a cavernous restaurant that caters to people who want refined and upscale Italian cuisine. You will be greeted with the music coming from a grand piano just like in the lobby of a grand hotel. Want to taste pitch perfect risotto for two or hunks of lamb and veal? You need to go there at number 85 Tenth Avenue, between 15th and 16th streets.

C) All-American Restaurants – when you are feeling patriotic, you need to visit an all-American restaurant where you can enjoy native cuisines that have been copied around the world.

  • ABC Kitchen

This restaurant claims that it is the best farm-to-table restaurant in New York, if not the whole country. ABC Kitchen boasts of their commitment to organic ingredients, locally sourced meat and recycled but quality local furniture.

Their sweet pea soup with carrots and mint will prepare your palate for their main dishes such as raw diver scallops and Portobello mushroom Panini with fennel jam. You can find this restaurant at 35 E 18th street.

  • Smith & Wollensky

This restaurant serves USDA prime steaks, premium seafood, and award-winning wines. Your meals are served in beautiful and refined settings giving you the feeling of being special and pampered because of the gracious customer service that this restaurant provides. This restaurant is located at 797 Third Avenue, 49th street.

  • Shorty’s

This restaurant has been serving their most authentic cheesesteaks for many numbers of years. What makes their dishes authentic is their bread. Their bread is shipped directly from the city of brotherly love- Philadelphia. They only serve freshly baked bread. You can visit them at 576 9th Avenue, between 41st and 42nd streets.

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