The Best New York Restaurants for Valentine’s Day Dinner

The Best New York Restaurants for Valentine’s Day Dinner

There is nowhere else in the world more romantic than New York.  This is a City where great romances are celebrated by great American poets, writers, playwrights and artists, and all worth the passion.  Where else did Carrie Bradshaw find her loves again and again in “Sex in the City?”

Great movies that were shot on set In New York is enough proof of how romantic New York can be.  Movies like Breakfast in Tiffany’s or The Seven year Itch would not come close to perfection if the movies were not in New York.

Remember the romance of the New York cop and the waitress in “It Could Happen to You?”  The magic of the city is indeed empowering at the same time illuminating, that the one day for love should be perfect and beautiful, that no one should miss it or take it for granted.  The day itself should be electric and pronounced, that missing out would be so lame.

On Valentine’s Day, every person in New York should celebrate this day of love the best way possible.  Whether it’s just in Central Park or fine wine and dine, the day will not be complete unless you spend it with your loved one over dinner in one of the most romantic places on earth.

Here is a guide to the best New York restaurants for Valentine’s dinner.  Go through them and see what you fancy, and set for the most romantic night of your lives.


Nothing says romance other than fine dining and French cuisine, and this is what the restaurant is claiming.  There is a wine list of over 40,000 wines to go with dishes like dry-aged New York sirloin with flat leaf spinach or toasted buckwheat and red wine-glazed shallots.  The cheese selection is exquisite and goes with the best bread as well.  If you’re in the area of Duane Street, and are looking for someplace classy, then this is where you should go.


This is a high-priced restaurant located the Central Park South, but definitely worth every dollar.  This is because their noctopus-and-bone-marrow-laced fusilli is above par and a scrumptious creation.  Their Valentine’s Day selection is $175 for four courses with wine pairings for $90.  This selection includes langoustine, scallop, polenta, escarole and crustacean sugo for entrée and deserts such as panna cotta with green apple and roasted pineapple sorbet.


If you wish to add eccentricity to your Valentine’s Day date, then this restaurant might tickle your fancy.  Try the feast of grand lobster fra diavolo or a huge serving of veal Parmesan, and end the meal with a generous serving of tiramisu.  Dinner at Bleeker St. is most memorable with a gastronomic excursion here.


Want to get into modern dining and watch the chef do his magic?  This restaurant at East 26th Street is an interesting place, combining the modern with the old.  SD26 is perched on a wine cellar with an excellent wine selection and can be paired with delicious meals such as halibut in olive oil or chicken and asparagus ravioli.


This resto is king of all fine dining restaurants in New York City and located at East 65th Street.  Their seven course tasting menu is grand and opulent, starting with Plymouth rock oysters, sunchoke ravioli with sautéed black trumpet and braised black angus short ribs and chestnut puree.  To top off the succulence of their food, indulge in lemon-praline sauce or chocolate marzipan.

Too pricey?  The budget conscious date should still go on.  Options like Applebee’s and Cici’s Pizza still is filling and romantic.  Try a healthy and guilt-free dinner at Applebee’s and enjoy dishes like Cedar Grilled Lemon Chicken for under $10.

Not in the mood for anything out of the ordinary?  Their single-topping pizzas and medium deep dish pizzas are all under $10, and familiar. There is a selection of toppings that can go with any type of pizza personality.  There are 28 types to choose from.  They even have a Bavarian desert pizza, just in case you haven’t had your pizza overload yet during dinner.

Having your Valentine’s Day date in these two restaurants are no fuss, no muss. In both Cici’s and Applebee’s, the mood is light and you can eat at your heart’s content.  You and your loved one will definitely have fun with just plain warm company with heart-filling food that is familiar and homey.

The magic of New York isn’t just about the sights or Central Park or the Empire State Building.  The magic of New York lies in its ability to combine a multiple of cultures and contain it in one electric city, which is vibrant of people of many kinds.  This is why the food in New York is always animated and full, and never boring and plain, and this goes the same with its food.

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