Spend Your Casino Winnings on One of the 10 Priciest Dishes in Las Vegas

Spend Your Casino Winnings on One of the 10 Priciest Dishes in Las Vegas

So you won a lot of money in Las Vegas? Good for you! So how do you celebrate? If you won big then you won’t mind a big bill, and that’s easy to find in Sin City. This is the city where excess is celebrated, and self-indulgence is the only acceptable lifestyle. And if you order dishes in these restaurants, it only proves one thing: the money you bring to Vegas—stays in Vegas.

10 Priciest Dishes in Las Vegas

Still, if you can afford it, you can always feel like a winner. We have the 10 most expensive dishes in Vegas on this list. Let’s begin:

1-Fleur Burger 5000

It’s called the Fleur Burger because it’s served in Fleur by Huber Keller which you can find on Las Vegas Blvd S near W. Hacienda Ave. As for the 5000 in the name, that’s because of the price. Yes, it actually costs $5,000 dollars. And yes, it’s for a burger. But it’s not just any burger, mind you. You get real wagyu beef, and the toppings include truffles and foie gras. And instead of soda, you get a bottle of 1995 Chateau Petrus. Come and visit, and ask if you can get fries with that!

2-Golden Opulence Sundae

It was introduced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Serendipity 3’s New York branch, though it is also served in the Vegas location in Caesars Palace. It’s the world’s costliest sundae, but then that’s understandable when you take a closer look at the ingredients. First, you have lots of edible 23-karat gold leaf. Underneath, you find a bowl of unsalted caviar infused with Armagnac, orange, and passion fruit. You also have chocolate syrup made from Amedei Porcelana (which is one of the most expensive chocolates in the world) plus large pieces of the rare Venezuelan Chuao chocolate. You also have almonds covered in gold, Parisian candied fruits, marzipan cherries, and chocolate truffles. It’s all for just $1,000, but you have to reserve one 48 hours in advance.

3-777 Burger

Americans sure take their burgers seriously! As the name says, this burger costs $777, which is quite a weird price to see on a menu that also lists pastrami digs, wings, and gravy fries. But then again, this is Le Burger Brassiere in Caesars Palace, and the French name is supposed to mean class. As for the price, it’s supposedly justified by the use of high-quality beef. The toppings include seared foie gras, goat cheese, pancetta, Maine lobster, and arugula. It even uses balsamic vinegar that’s been aged 100 years. It’s served with a salad, and it pairs with a bottle of Dom Perignon Rosé.

4-The High Roller Roll

It’s served in Sushi Roku, located at the Forum Shops at Caesars. The sushi restaurant already offers items on the menu with rather high prices. But the High Roller Roll is an off-menu item, so you have to ask for it specifically. It’s going to set you back by $250, but then you get lobster tail, tuna, and wagyu beef. You also get a gold leaf, truffle oil, golden Osetra caviar, asparagus, and avocado. That seems like a weird mix, but hey, you’re in Vegas.

5-Masa Toro with Caviar

Masa is reputedly the most expensive restaurant in the US, so the offshoot Bar Masa in Vegas is going to cost you a pretty penny too. Try the toro roll with caviar, for a “bargain” price of just $240. That high price is because it’s made with the excellent (but costly) Bluefin tuna belly.

6-Four Ounces of Kobe Beef

The SW Steakhouse of chef David Walzog is a rarity since not all that many US restaurants can serve actual Japanese Kobe beef. That’s probably because of the expense, as this will cost you $220 regardless of whether you pick rib cap, ribeye, New York strip, or tenderloin. You can always ask for extra ounces, but you have to do the math. It’s going to cost you another $55 per ounce.

7-Prime Plus Bone-In Ribeye

You can find this in CarneVino, the steakhouse managed by the renowned pair of Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali. Here they only serve beef that’s free of antibiotics and hormones. Come in and order their huge bistecca Fiorentina (a Florentine porterhouse). It’s the most expensive dish on the menu, and it’s for $170.

8-Quarter Suckling Pig

When you visit the Bazaar Meat in Vegas run by chef Jose Andres, you’ll quickly notice that the prices aren’t exactly budget-friendly. It’s probably only for casino winners, as you can get a ribeye from Lindsay Ranch in Oregon only if you’re willing to pay $98. But that’s not the most expensive item here. It’s the quarter suckling pig. For that, you need to pay $160, but the skin is crispy and the tender meat seems to melt in your mouth. But if you want, you can get the entire suckling pig, at a “discount” price of $540. After all, it could have been $160 x 4, which equals $$640.

9-World Wide Wagyu

It’s a cute name, right? You can order it not online but at the Vegas branch of Stripsteak, which is overseen by Micahel Mina. It’s a truly excellent dish, which combines an American rib cap, Australian short rib, and a Japanese A5 filet mignon in a single menu item. All these can be yours, for the price of $155.

10-Lobster with Stuffed Rigatoni, Carrot Purée, and Corn Sabayon

At least you know what you’re getting with just the name of the dish, even if it’s a bit long. You can find it in Guy Savoy’s restaurant in Caesars Palace. It’s the most expensive entrée on the à la carte menu, which is reputedly the most expensive à la carte menu in the US. This lobster entrée will set you back $120, and you still have other courses to go!

So what if they’re all expensive? When you’re a winner in Vegas, you’re not really spending your own money. Live a little, and see how food tastes when you’re a winner!

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