Restaurant Secret Menus Uncovered and It’s Not Pretty

Restaurant Secret Menus Uncovered and It’s Not Pretty

Just when customers thought they have tried every single menu item off of a chain restaurant, here comes a list of undiscovered menu items that have been aptly called “The Secret Menu”. For decades, most restaurants have learned the trick of the trade about keeping secrets from their customers to build curiosity. However, once a customer’s interest is piqued and heightened, he will never stop until he discovers what he has been missing.

Case in point, Mad Magazine published a list of 21 hidden fast food secret menus in the year 2013, much to the delight of customers. But, while it seems pretty to hear, most of the items on the menus are too calorie-dense or packed with uninviting cholesterol that it is a crime to even ask for them.

If you are part of the brave and curious, here is a list of the fast food secret menus recently uncovered. Take them, one day at a time, to lessen guilt and weight gain.


Grimace’s Lament – Creamy strawberry shake with an equal part of the surprise Filet-o-Fish sauce. Yum-oh!

Chicken McFlurry – for the dessert lover who also happens to be an adventure or exotic junkie, ask for a soft served, vanilla flavored ice cream with bits of McNuggets swirled in. Add a drizzle of caramel with barbecue sauce to complete the semi-disgusting, semi-intriguing sweet ending.


Ghost Taco – crunchy and yellow taco corn shell loaded with seasoned beef, crispy lettuce, and cheddar cheese.

Saucedilla – a freshly grilled tortilla folded in with six hot sauce packs inside, nothing else.

Ghost Taco Supreme – very similar to the Ghost Taco but also loaded with dollops of sour cream.


Triple Extra Crispy – for added crunch, calories, and cholesterol, order a day before. These are the bits and pieces of chicken left overnight in the fryer.

The Colonel’s Cheesy Discharge – crumbs of delicious fried chicken, taken from the display warmer trays, loaded with mac & cheese sauce.

Mass Grave – a large bucket filled with chicken pieces and leftovers from the boneless chicken process, hidden in large dollops of mashed potatoes.


Crispy Prince Albert – a crispy chicken wrap tied with an onion ring to one end.

The Burger King Club – traditional chicken sandwich, placed perfectly inside a club sandwich bread. Toasted sesame seeds on top with delicious and crispy bacon, tomato, shredded lettuce, and cheddar cheese inside.

Suicide Burger – make sure to ask your physician for a medical certificate before trying this ultimate “bad boy” burger because of the possible adverse conditions you may get. For only $4 or less, this burger offers four huge beef patties, four ridiculously warm cheese, lots of bacon, and a dollop of oozing sauce in between sesame seed buns.


French Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich – bread slices slightly toasted, brimming with cheesy goodness on the inside. But, in a sweet twist of fate, fried ala French toast way dusted with sugar and cinnamon and a dollop of good, old butter.

Cracked on the Grill Scrambled Eggs – grilled to perfection but through the use of powdered or liquid formula, perfectly made to create the best-scrambled egg a customer can eat in a fast food chain.

Cheesy Hash Browns – Denny’s all-time favorite hash browns with melted cheddar cheese on top. This is a perfect start to a would-be awesome day.


Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich – chicken breast cordon bleu in between two toasted buns with ham and semi-melted Swiss cheese on top.

Wet Fries – crispy French fries oozing in hot, cheese sauce.

French Dip – there is already a revamped sandwich on the menu but the classic French dip with two melted Swiss cheese is truly a deli delight in a fast food chain.

Why People Love to Discover Secret Menus

People are born to live on intrigue, secrecy, and fantasy that is why when they discover a fast food chain restaurant’s so-called “secret menu”, more often than not, they will try their best to give it a shot. It also provides people the satisfaction that they are either too acquainted with the place to come up with something off the menu or the exhilaration they feel to try something new.

Either way, due to the thrill it can bring customers, ordering off the secret menu works like a charm when it comes to the sales of restaurants. Being in-the-know about something not regularly ordered also adds up to the “customization prices” each restaurant include in the meal. Of course, if the secret menu items are also ridiculously good, chances are people will start ordering them, giving an extra buck or two to the restaurant.

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