7 Things You Should Know Before Eating at Hooters

7 Things You Should Know Before Eating at Hooters

By Jessica Sawyer

When people think of Hooters, they generally think about two things: the waitresses and the wings. While these are certainly a draw for a lot of customers, they may not be quite enough for others. In fact, this kind of reputation may even cause people to dismiss Hooters as a restaurant choice entirely.

Well, it may surprise these others to know that there is actually a lot more to Hooters than just its wings and waitresses. Its affordable food and laid-back atmosphere have something to offer for just about everyone.

If you’re one of those skeptics, the following list of the 7 things you should know before eating at Hooters may make you change your mind.

1. Appetizers are Half-Price After 10pm

If you like late night snacks, then it may be worth a trip to Hooters after dark. Appetizers are on for half price from 10pm until close.

2. It Has a Family-Friendly Atmosphere

While its reputation may have you believing the opposite, some consider Hooters to be a family-friendly restaurant for a few reasons: the meals are relatively inexpensive, families with young children can get away with being messy and loud, and they don’t use a lot of breakable dinnerware.

3. They Offer Great Employee Benefits

There are some nice perks for the servers at Hooters. They offer flexible scheduling, tuition assistance for students and pay for participating in a pageant, swimsuit contest, and/or calendar shoot. Depending on the restaurant, servers may even receive discounts on gym memberships and tanning packages.

4. They Support Worthy Causes

Hooters has established a Breast Cancer Research Grant in the name of one of their former Hooters Calendar Cover Girls, Kelly Jo Dowd, who unfortunately lost her life while fighting breast cancer. They are also a proud partner of the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research. Between both causes, they have raised over 4 million dollars.

5. Hooters was Originated in the USA

The first Hooters opened up in Clearwater, Florida on October 4, 1983. The restaurant’s atmosphere was based around a casual, surfer culture, and it still maintains some semblance of that theme today.

6. There are Locations in Many Countries Around the World

Though some people may think it’s just an American phenomenon, you can actually find Hooters worldwide. If you’re in the area, you can pop into a Hooters in countries such as Mexico, Germany, Taiwan, Russia, the Dominican Republic, and Australia.

7. The Hooters Worldwide Wing Eating Championship

Hooters is known for its wings for a reason. This eating competition, officially recognized by Major League Eating, is held annually in its hometown of Clearwater, Florida. In 2017, the champion consumed 250 wings in just 10 minutes!

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