3 Food Trends To Follow in 2021

3 Food Trends To Follow in 2021

We’re all well aware that 2020 was – challenging, to say the least. Service industries have not only had to change the way they operate as a whole, but they’ve also had to consider revamping their menus. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it has become clearer than ever that customers are not following the same patterns as they previously were when it comes to ordering, pickup and delivery. Not only are our schedules more irregular, but we’re now wanting different options than we had before, with self isolation having a profound effect on what we’re craving. While some customers are now only craving comfort food, the pandemic has prompted others to take on a new, cleaner lifestyle. In this article, we take a look at 3 food trends to follow in 2021, so you can have a better idea of either what’s coming, or what to consider including on your own menu! 


The days of rushing out the door with nothing but a banana to eat later are now that of the past, with the vast majority of workers either working from home or sadly, being out of work altogether. We now not only have plenty of time to get our breakfast sorted out in the morning, but it’s something we actively look forward to.

Delish.com tells us more about why breakfast items are becoming more popular when it comes to both at-home meal prepping and fast food items:

“As we all continue to spend more time at home (are you tired of hearing that phrase yet??), many of us actually have time to think about breakfast. Seriously, even cereal saw a huge bump this year. Next year, instead of eating a cold granola bar on your commute, expect to see more Instagrams about meal prepping breakfast sandwiches, new fast food breakfast items being released, and maybe even the resurgence of overnight oats.”

New Meat Alternatives

The pandemic has inspired many to not only start treating their own bodies better, but to make better choices for the planet. This is why non meat alternatives have become more popular than ever in 2020, with this popularity only expecting to increase in 2021.

BigSevenTravel.com gives us the statistics on how the demand for non meat alternatives have already started changing the culinary industry:

“A recent report claimed that by 2040, 60% of the meat consumed will either be plant-based or lab-grown. This also ties into new consumer behaviour post-Covid-19, which shows a move away from meat towards seemingly ‘healthier’ options. 74% of European consumers and 69% of North American consumers said they will make a greater attempt to eat healthier as a result of the pandemic.”

Comfort Food

Many of us have gone the simple, comfort food route during these past several months. This trend has largely been beneficial to now understaffed restaurants, whose menus have had to become simplified. 

Michael Schulson, chef and founder of Schulson Collective gives his thoughts on comfort food and simplicity on FoodandWine.com:

“For 2021 the trends will go towards comfort and simplicity. This is due to the pandemic, and everyone looking for a sense of comfort and normalcy. Unfortunately, restaurants are also just trying to survive and have limited resources and staffing now, so that will also impact what we all do moving into 2021.”

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