10 Best Restaurants to Celebrate Your Birthday

10 Best Restaurants to Celebrate Your Birthday

For someone who has a lot of friends, it will be difficult not to hold a birthday party when your special day comes. Whether it’s a surprise or a well-planned event, it’s important for you to celebrate your birthday with friends and family. This is an opportune time to strengthen your bond with them as well as build additional happy memories together.

Choosing a place to hold your birthday bash is not really an easy thing to do, especially in a city where space is at a premium. But planning the event will be a lot easier if you know the best places where to hold your birthday party. There are a lot of good restaurants out there, wherever you are, where you can treat your friends and family in a grand way, especially if you have enough funds.

It doesn’t matter if your party is only 5 or 50 or even more, here are ten restaurants that are ideal for celebrating your birthday bash.

1. Buffalo Wild Kings

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar will really be just right for your birthday party because of its casual atmosphere. This is a restaurant chain that specializes in Buffalo wings, but also serves a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, salads, and sides. The prices of their Buffalo wings range from $5.99 to $7.99. Their sandwiches and burgers are well within your budget as they only cost between $7.99 and $8.99.

2. West Third Common

This is one of the newest spots in NYC that is especially suited for birthday parties. It offers an excellent array of spirits and beer, spacious lounge and great music. West Third Common also serves delicious American fare, therefore; this place can really give you a total package for your birthday celebration.

3. Hometown Buffet

Another restaurant that has a casual setting, which is also good as a birthday party venue is Hometown Buffet. If you are looking for American dishes, this is the place for you. They serve prime rib steaks, appetizers, seafood and a lot more. They are also known for their tasty and very indulgent desserts. You will never break your budget if you will celebrate your birthday in this restaurant because their average meal price starts at $3.95 only for Mac and Cheese going all the way up to $17 if you will order a Jumbo Lump Crabmeat.

4. Katra

This is a popular nightspot on Bowery, NYC because of their excellent customer service. If it is a night party that you want for your birthday, you should consider this place. This place provides great music which should give you able support if you want all-night dancing. They have two floors with two separate DJ’s on each. Of course, they also serve exquisite food and fine drinks.

5. California Pizza Kitchen

If you are thinking of treating your friends with great tasting pizzas, you should consider California Pizza Kitchen. This is a chain of restaurants that specializes in pizza, California style. Aside from innovative, unique and delicious pizzas, they also serve sandwiches, desserts, salads, pasta, and soups. Prices are very affordable in CPK with their thin pizzas costing $12.99 to $13.59.

6. Marquee

Marquee is another excellent birthday spot. It is located on 10th Avenue, with a great space for treating your friends and family for a night of great music and dancing. It has multiple bars and a great ceiling that will impress your guests because of its grandeur.

7. Texas Roadhouse

This is a fun place to celebrate your birthday because of the special treatment they will give you. Servers will serenade you underneath a hanging table-lamp “spotlight” and they will sit you atop a saddled sawhorse. Once you’re riding high, the servers will ensure that you will be the center of attention. Texas Roadhouse is also known for their sumptuous and delicious Bone-in Rib Eye and prime ribs, although a bit more expensive than the others.

8. Hooters

Hooters is the chain of restaurants known for their tank-topped waitresses. Yours would be a fun-birthday party if you want to treat your college buddies. They serve good food, especially chicken dishes at affordable prices. They are known for their waitresses teasing young guys who are just “turning 21 today.”

9. Dick’s Last Resort

For birthday celebrants, this restaurant provides sassy servers that wear funny hats that lure the celebrant and the guests from their tables for some public heckling and ridiculing. For being great sports, the celebrant, and the guests will be given the Volcano Surprise dessert, a restaurant souvenir or a glass of booze. They serve good food too.

10. Joe’s Crab Shack

If you are looking for a place serving seafood, you need to consider Joe’s Crab Shack. They have a beach theme and serve American cuisine and seafood. When they see that things are not going well, they will rock your birthday party with disco dancing ala “Night Fever” or beat your chest like Tarzan, complete with crab-bib “loincloths.”


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